Moving house is a difficult task. It requires time, money and careful consideration. It is stressful and you may end up smashing some of your favourite glasses, or scratching your furniture. That is why experts would always advise you to rent a van. Renting a van to move your entire household to the new place may seem like a difficult task, but it is actually the easiest way to move things. In a few steps, we will show you how to do that.

Before you start loading the van, sit and plan what you are moving and make sure it is wrapped well, packed in boxes and secured. It is a good idea to keep as few people as possible in the van itself. Your children may help, but keep things under control while arranging the items inside the van. Prepare snacks and enough water for everyone that is helping. Think about insurance, and what you will do if someone drops your TV, for instance. Keep all your documents and guarantee cards for the objects you are moving within your reach. Don’t involve people who are not physically fit or elders to help you. This may only slow you down and cause problems for those people.

Make sure you have enough straps and moving blankets. Bend your knees and lift using the strength of your legs, not your back. This will help you save energy and spare you the usual backache at the end of the day.

First, when you have your van ready for you, divide the furniture. You have to be able to distinguish between the heaviest pieces, the medium and the light ones. Load the heaviest items in the van first. The base of the van is the place for fridges, sofas and cupboards. Make sure you have wrapped them in packing blankets.

Then on top of those heavy objects you can place the medium ones, in a neat way, forming piles. You should reach the ceiling of the van with those piles, so that you don’t waste space and you move as many pieces as possible at once. Around those items is the space for the light things and all your small belongings. The more “packed” the items are, the less possible it is for everything to fall down.

You should repeat this process while moving closer to the door of the van, being unable to even see how long the van is. It is important to take care of the fragile objects. Wrap them and put them in boxes. If you are still unsure, tie the boxes to one another and tie any loose items. Fragile things are better placed between soft materials such as pillows, blankets and linens. Once you start moving, everything that can move will move, and if you leave space between items they will start crashing down.

It is important to keep the balance of the van too, so along the longest walls should be your heaviest items. Dissembling furniture such as beds, drawers and cupboards is always a good idea. Do not count on your table’s legs to hold a heavy pile of things on it. Loading a van carefully is like a puzzle – reverse and rearrange until you get the best option.

Loading a van is time-consuming and tiring, not to mention the journey, so load as much as possible, to save time, energy and money. Moving house is never easy and it is stressful, but don’t forget you can enjoy the experience and make it as fun as possible. It is also an opportunity to go through all your belongings and throw away the old things and the ones you simply don’t want in your new home. After all, moving house is somewhat of a new beginning.

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