A removals service is often a lifesaver when moving home, and actually, can be a great help in many other circumstances. You don’t need to fork out for a large, full-scale truck, unless that’s what you need, and often, renting a small van can be a blessing in many of life’s situations.

When to use one
Moving out is the most obvious option, but often we think of families moving from large homes with a mountain of boxes. Even the smallest move can benefit from a removals service, especially if you’re packing and moving alone, or suffer with mobility problems. Moving out of a bedsit can often be stressful, and although you might not have much stuff, large, awkward or fragile belongings often make several car trips a necessity. You could save a whole heap of petrol and stress by opting for a removals service.

There are also plenty of other times when you should consider using a removal van. For example, if you’re transporting large, heavy or valuable items, then you can rely on the profession and expertise of a professional service. Buying things online from private sellers such as bikes, household items or pieces of art can often benefit from being delivered in a private van. Not only does it save on the cost of petrol, but you can also have peace of mind that your items will be delivered safe and sound through a reputable company.

There are also times when a removals service can be used for getting rid of things, such as taking large pieces of furniture to donate to a charity shop, or even just filling to take items to the tip after a household clear out. It is often more economical, eco-friendly and simple to hire a professional service.

What to look for
You should always look for a service that caters to your particular job. If you only need a few items transported, then save on costs and search for a small removal van. On the other hand, if you are moving the whole family home, choosing a large vehicle, with trained drivers is a massive help.
Always chose a reputable company; look for reviews online, customer recommendations and testimonials. If time is of the essence, look for a company that can guarantee an arrival time. And if you are relocating, or transporting items from quite a distance, you have the added bonus of twice as many removal services to choose from.

Where to find one
Word of mouth is always a company’s favourite advertising tool, so ask friends of family for personal recommendations. Asides from this, search for local, small companies across traditional forms such as the press, local adverts and the Yellow Pages. For larger jobs, scour online where you can not only search, but read reviews from previous customers. If you have found a company offline, it is always worth giving their name a search to see what comes up. Always trust your gut instinct, and despite how cheap it may be, always bear in mind genuine negative reviews.

You should always speak to a removals company, either on the phone or face to face, especially if you’re not requesting a simple A – B transit. By speaking to a person you’ll have a better feel for the company, and they’ll completely understand what you’re looking for. A great company will always be able to assist without selling, and if they can’t provide what you’re looking for, will say so.

Finally, if you’re pleased with your job, spread the word. Post a small note on their company listings so others can find a great removals service. If they don’t have one, call or email and let them know how pleased you are with the service.

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