House removal is one of the three most stressful things for a person to go through in life and anyone who claims it is easy, is either a professional, or has no experience in it at all. It is essential to plan and organize your every move, once you know that you have to move house. For a smooth and efficient transition from one place to another, there are many things to coordinate and pay for. One of these things is the packing process, which is especially tiresome and time-consuming. There is a lot going on during the packing process, much more than simply wrapping items and putting them in moving boxes. This whole process is about organizing your entire household and deciding what to take, what to throw away or sell. This way you will be able to declutter your home and have a smaller load for carrying, which saves time and money, as well as space in your future home. One of the key factors for successful packing is allowing enough time for it. Don’t think that you can pack a couple of days before the moving day. Most people start packing weeks or even months before the move. Last minute packing causes damage, stress and is never a good idea. Keep in mind that the unpacking process will be just as tiresome and long, so make sure you know how to deal with both. Have a clear out, first and foremost.

Knowing the size and specifics of your new home will allow you to plan where each item should go and how much space you actually have. If you are moving to a smaller place you might need to give some items for self-storage or sell them. Avoid paying professional removalists for transporting items you won’t even use. Have quality and sturdy moving boxes and enough packing material. These can be costly, so think what you need to pack and use the full potential of the boxes, without overloading them though. That’s why you should think about the packing strategies and methods well before.

Look for moving boxes in department stores and supermarkets. Put heavier items in smaller boxes and vice versa. Have enough material for padding and cushioning to prevent damage inside the boxes during the transportation. Wrap each glass and cup individually and put paper or towels between them. While you fill the boxes, check their heaviness, as you might need to carry them yourself before the actual moving day. The boxes shouldn’t be too heavy to carry, but you shouldn’t leave void spaces inside either. One of the best packing tips is to keep a checklist with the inventory and always to be aware what’s inside each box. Labeling the boxes accordingly is also very important. This will help you manage with the unpacking faster and easier. Leave the boxes unsealed until the removalists arrive, so they can double check the boxes. One of the available options is to trust the removals company with the entire packing process, as well as the transportation, or you can pack some things yourself. Whichever option you choose, being organized and coordinating the process is vital. They can even help you unpack, which will reduce your stress a lot. Use vacuuming bags for clothes, linen and blankets – it will save you space and kilos. Have a few dish boxes with dividers for easier storing of china and glassware.
Following these tips will secure you an easy and efficient packing for your removal.

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