Fastest Ways For Compiling The Moving Checklist

11Nov 2014

When moving house or all the inventory from one place to another - it`s always a great idea to make a checklist. A better idea is to make it in advance! For example, at least a whole week before the removals day is a great choice, which will give you a lot of time to think and rethink about all the unusual staffs and how to get rid of them. Maybe you can also recall some important things to put up on the moving checklist or even to exclude from it. Compiling the checklist in a comprehensive and easy to understand manner is a little bit of a journey, especially when the removal van arrives and the atmosphere becomes overwhelming. However, consider the following ideas as a guide to compile a moving checklist in a faster manner as well.First, prioritize your rooms, according to the space, the objects in it, their sizes and their weight. If you begin with the heaviest objects like metal shelves, speakers, ovens or fitness tools - make sure to put them in the smallest packs as possible, as well as pack them one by one and write a note about it in the checklist. Thus, you and the removals team will have to make more steps and tours for moving these heavy packs, but without a need for special equipment. By contrast, if you begin from the lightest items in the kids` room, for example - a greater idea is to include them in the moving checklist by groups, such as clothes and fragile items in one box, while electronics and toys in another box.Second, label the boxes from the different groups with understandable notes. The heaviest objects in their own packs should be labeled "Heavy", others - "Fragile", or "Flexible", or “On Top”, etc. This gives an easy orientation between the items in the moving checklist and the different boxes in which they should be. It will reduce the risk of chaos in the removal van or when unloading at the place of relocation too.Third, when moving furniture - compile the checklist according to the need of use of the furniture. Put higher the small shelves for food or cosmetics, which can accommodate freely and securely in the removal van. For the greatest wardrobes, beds and the heavy sofas there are especially oriented companies for furniture removals, which offer the best special opts for these quite huge items.Fourth, make a separate column or columns for light and small removals that can be transported even in small transparent bags without any risk of damage. Quilts, blankets, pillows and curtains, for example, can be stored in special bags and then vacuumed temporarily to save extra space. It`s easier to deal only with these bags for a couple of hours and then with the other items, so make an especially oriented section for small removals when compiling the checklist.Fifth, think about the space. It`s all about the space when it comes to moving house even if you a plan a quick relocation for the Christmas holidays. The relocation becomes even a joy when you compile the checklist in advance and with this in mind. For example, let`s take the heavy oven that`s empty inside - it can accommodate at least a couple of folded blankets or jackets. Or let`s take the large pots - they are perfect to store small books or something fragile in an extra secure way. Or else - let`s take the small cabinets, which have a whole free space for piling small items. Compiling the checklist can really be amusing.

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