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house removal CatfordWhen you move to a new house or apartment the most important thing is to keep all your belongings in check and intact. Doing so by yourself and moving all of them will prove to be a challenge, especially when you don’t have the supplies needed. Things get broken sometimes if the proper care is not given and a lot of times even when we do our best we can hurt our furniture and electronics when we don’t pack them right. For those very same reasons we have professional companies which deal with those issues, using moving equipment, carefully packing and taking care of your belongings. Such companies also use large moving vehicles which make removals much easier and organized, not to mention the group of people handling all the heavy lifting for you. Removals Catford is known for its excellent customer service and reliability and they will do everything they can to assist you in your removal.

The district of Catford is a central one for London, its name originating in ancient Saxon times where cattle used to cross the river Ravensbourne. Nowadays however the district’s theme has moved very far from cattle and instead towards cats. The aptly named Catford Cat looms over the entrance to the Catford Centre, a playful look in its eyes as if about to jump down on a passing double-decker bus and hitch a ride. Another witty aspect of the local area is the Catford Mews, a group of local shops here one can find a variety of goods and a lot of puns with a feline twist.

Another curious thing about the district is the presence of several buildings in the brutalist style, a pseudo-totalitarian, dystopian look to them as if out of a George Orwell novel. The style favored clear lines, fortress-like appearance and clear-cut architecture with no decorations. Despite their sober appearance these buildings don’t have a negative effect on the local population however. Throughout the 20th and the beginning of the 21st century Catford Stadium was a home to the greyhound races where people enjoyed gambling. It was one of 33 stadiums which had the races in them, sadly out of which only three remain to this day. Since 2003 however the place was demolished and now the overgrown area awaits the spread of the urban sprawl.

Quite a few remarkable people have ties to this area, like the Irish comedian (among other things) Spike Milligan, musician Cat Stevens and the novelist and ex-SAS commando Andy McNab among many others.

Whenever you decide to move in the area of Catford remember to call Catford moving company on 020 8746 4339 to get a free quote from their helpful employees. The more accurate the information you give to them, the more accurate their assessment will be on what your expenses will be and how long it will take them to perform the move for you.

Their removal vans will need to be close to your doorstep for speed and efficiency. If you are moving into the area remember to keep a close eye on parking spots since the area can be quite busy in any season. For more information on the subject you may follow this link.

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