Boxes are a big part of everyday life and they play a big role in the shipping industry and a huge role when you are planning a home or office removal. Having the right box at your disposal for a home or office removal is of critical importance to make your London removals easy and efficient. Boxes come in all shapes and sizes and some are made for specific purposes. Knowing a bit about boxes will help you to choose the boxes that you will need based on what you will need to move during a home or office removal.

Aside from the common box there are a few other choices of boxes that cater to specific packing needs either for storage or removal purposes. One of the most commonly used specialty boxes as they are sometimes referred to as is the wardrobe box, which is equipped with a bar for hanging up clothes without having to take them off the hanger and fold them to store in common boxes. This saves a lot of space for other boxes to be loaded in moving vans or cars, if you are doing the move yourself. Most wardrobe boxes come with drawers as well so you can hang a majority of the clothes and fold the rest to go in the drawers. It is important to make sure not to overload a wardrobe box though, so make sure not to try and cram everything in at once.

Another specialty box that is used quite frequently and serves a great purpose is a dish pack box. Dish packs are made specifically for the purpose of protecting and efficiently storing dishes and fragile glass plates at the time of the implementation of various removal services . These boxes are usually slotted and have strong thick walls to prevent harm during transport. These boxes are good for other items as well such as picture frames and even light appliances. It is likely you will need a few of these boxes to use during your next move as they are good to use for packing most fragile items.

Mattress boxes are another good specialty box to use during a move and they come in many different sizes that way they can accommodate anything from a baby crib to a king size mattress. Usually a mattress box is used when a mattress will be store over a period of time. These special mattress boxes help keep mattress clean and safe during transit and when storing a mattress they do a great job of keeping mold from building up in a mattress by keeping the humidity out for the most part. A mattress box will also prevent mattresses from being damaged or torn during the course of the removal or over the course of time that it will be stored for if this is the case.

A mirror box is another commonly used specialty box made sole for the purpose of keeping mirrors and large thin sheets of glass such as those often used for coffee tables, safe. Mirror boxes are often made with foam inserts to keep items stationary and to prevent accidental shattering of glass contents. Mirror boxes come in many shapes and size as well and are most frequently telescoping so to fit items of various sizes.

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