Colliers Wood is a beautiful London district, a place where life can be quite relaxing

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Moving out of your old house or flat will usually put you in a position where you have to look for suitable transportation. You will have to organize your belongings, pack them right and make sure nothing is left behind or loose. We’ve all had to get a large, new piece of furniture at one time or another during our lives, so you probably know how difficult it can be to move something so large into a flat without damaging it. For that very reason it is always better to hire a removals company with experience in the field and a dedicated team. Removals Colliers Wood is one of those and they will do everything from packing to storage and moving at affordable prices.

The area of Colliers Wood falls under the jurisdiction of the Merton Borough. It has many residential buildings which are divided by a busy street. The district has multiple opportunities for shopping thanks to its several centres of commerce. A few parks are present here which allow for wonderful afternoons or weekends spent in the open under the lovely London weather. Wandle Park is a large, nearly 11 acres in size and close to the Colliers Wood Underground station. The name coincides with another park in Croydon; however this one carries its own charm compared to its sister park. The other park worth going if you enjoy the green world is the smaller Wandle Meadow Nature Park. The Wandle trail is a bicycling and walking trail crossing the district so this also gives a chance to enjoy a walk throughout the whole area.

One of the historical treasures of London is the Merton Priory, sadly a ruin of its former glory nowadays. It was established in 1114 by the Sheriff of the area under the rule of king Henry I Beauclerc. The priory was forcefully abandoned and torn down in 1538 by order of the infamous king Henry VIII in his attempt to mock his excommunication from the Catholic faith. Whatever is left from the original construction nowadays lies underneath the earth and can be accessed through a tunnel on Merantun Way.

Another place worth visiting in the district out of curiosity is the Colliers Wood Tower, voted ugliest building of the UK in a 2006 poll made by the BBC. A truly marvelous building with all the architectural grace of a brick it is currently going through renovations which aim to rid it of its number one spot on said poll. All in all it is built in a typical nigh-brutalist style which was popular back in the day giving it the appeal of a dystopia out of something Orwell would describe.

Colliers Wood is a quite a busy place at times so please consider reserving a parking spot if you decide to move in the area. Doing so will make things much easier during your moving both for you and your removals team. Saving a spot closer to the entrance of your humble abode would work best – you can consult the borough’s website for more information on the following link.

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