Moving in London? Dulwich is a splendid place to live in the old capital!

relocation services DulwichDulwich Removals will help you with the details of moving if you contact them at 020 8746 4339 for a free quote and an estimate on how much it would cost you. Moving between two locations can take a toll on your nerves for certain while you get everything sorted out especially if you’re doing it by yourself or you’re working with unprofessional companies. Such things often end with broken furniture, wasted time and a lot of stress. All of this can be easily avoided with the services of a professional removals company such as Removals Dulwich. Consider this when moving in Dulwich and have an easier time with the process.

Dulwich is a district in South London with rich history and some wonderful local landmarks. The settlement’s origin dates back all the way to the year 967 AD and beyond, but that was the first appearance of its existence in writing. For many years its population was small and it consisted mostly of farmers. The British nobility enjoyed hunting trips in the Dulwich Woods, mostly King Charles I. Later on during the dark days of WWII the area served in a strategic move British intelligence used to expend enemy resources by leaking a number of maps which showed the area as more populated than it truly was. They attempted to protect the central parts of the capital by feeding the German war machine false coordinates for their bombardment via V-2 rockets.

Nowadays the district looks quite quaint and lovely especially the Dulwich Village. The place is also home to a very old amateur football club – the Dulwich Hamlet, established way back in 1893. To those who’d love a nice quiet walk among the trees Dulwich Park is a gorgeous place with traditional ponds, horse-riding and tennis options for those who love to frequent the area.

Some other places one might enjoy visiting depending on his interests are the Belair house, currently known as the Beauberry House and also the Bell House both of which date back to the 1700s and are open to the public. They are a wonderful example of old architecture and a taste not quite completely lost today in Britain.

Dulwich also has All Saints Church, an old Victorian Gothic structure which suffered fire damage, but after some renovation was proudly opened again in 2006. Two other churches you might want to visit are the St. Barnabas and St. Stephens churches. One lies close to the end of Dulwich village and the other close to the Sydenham Hill Railway station.

So if you decide to move in the area remember to call Dulwich House Movers for a free quote to estimate how much using a professional team of movers would cost you. If you decide to go with them do remember to reserve a parking spot near the front door of your new abode. This will greatly ease the entire process of moving and will save you time and money in the long run. More information can be found on the website of the Borough of Southwark. Follow this link.

Have a great time in Dulwich!

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