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Do you need a hand with the load and a vehicle as well? Earls Court Removals can provide all of those for you at affordable prices. Get your free quote by calling 020 8746 4339.

Here you are moving to a new location, wondering and planning where to obtain a large enough vehicle to suit your needs. Perhaps you’re thinking if the sofa you bought a few years ago which now looks terrible because of how much your cat loves it needs to be thrown away? But all of that requires you to haul the heavy thing down the stairs or into the elevator or worse? All of those things can be made much easier through the hiring of a professional moving company such as Removals Earls Court, which specializes in this exact type of problems. Their men will cover all the lifting and heavy work for you and safely haul your belongings to your new home while all you’ll have to do during the whole thing is enjoy not lifting a finger, except when opening your front door. Give them a call and learn more about their trade and prices if you’re interested?

Earls Court is a lovely area in which was once a home of farmers and was largely unaffected by urban sprawl a long time ago. Thanks to the construction of the railways during Her Majesty Queen Victoria’s reign civilization engulfed and changed Earl’s court at a rapid rate, transforming the once quiet place into a part of the bustling British land.

Many a famous people have lived in the area at one time or another, some of which are Alfred Hitchcock, Freddie Mercury and even the late Princess Diana. The district has many interesting an attraction among which is the Earls Court Exhibition Centre which offers a great deal of concerts and other entertainment throughout the year.

Other nice places to see are the Empress State Building, which always served as a home of one form of law enforcement and the only T.A.R.D.I.S. in existence still, an old blue police box just like the one in the Dr. Who series! All in all Earls Court is a wonderful area with beautiful architecture and some great places to live alongside the shopping opportunities and its gorgeous areas which you would get to explore by yourself if you feel so inclined.

If you do wish to move in the area however remember to reserve yourself a parking spot since the district can be very busy during the week and on weekends too. Doing so will make the removal team’s job much easier and it will save you time and money. Try to reserve a spot closer to your front door in order to minimize the hassle for both you and them.

More information can be found on the Borough of Kensington and Chelsea’s web page if you follow the link.

Have a great time in Earl’s Court!

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