If you are planning to move to the area of W2 in London, then you are probably considering Hyde Park, Little Venice, Notting Hill, Paddington, Bayswater or Westbourne Green for your future house or flat. This is a great, yet busy area so the move should be as quick and efficient as possible. Any busy central area in the city of London would be a challenge for you and your family, but it doesn’t mean that you can’t have a successful move. The principles of an easy house move remain more or less the same. Once you know the approximate time of the moving day you need to start planning and preparing for it. Here are the basic steps and some of the tiny details that you shouldn’t overlook.

Step 1: Removals price: It’s essential to plan your moving budget before anything else and then decide how much you can afford to spend on various removals services. Each removals company will be different and therefore the quotes will vary too. Make sure you don’t base your choice of a mover entirely on the fees, but check things like reference, experience and insurance. If you want to save up, simply hire a team of movers for the moving day and do the packing yourself. This way you don’t have to risk trusting a company of average quality with your things.

Step 2: Inventory list: One of the most important steps of the move, since this will determine the size of the rented moving truck, the amount of help you need, the amount of packing material and whether you will require storage. If you own plenty of things that you don’t want in your new house, simply junk them or donate them. The inventory list will also help you in terms of the insurance and when you plan what to take in your own vehicle and what to pack for the moving truck. Consider your options about the valuable items, antiques, artwork and other similar items.

Step 3: Storage: If you have too many belongings, but you are moving to a smaller place, consider renting a temporary storage unit where you can keep your things until you decide what to do with them.

Step 4: Packing: Packing is the toughest part of the moving process, although unpacking for most people is even harder. If you have decided to pack on your own, then you must organize the family and ideally ask some friends for help. Get plenty of cardboard moving boxes and quality packing materials.
Step 5: The Moving Day: On the moving day you need to be ready with your packing when the movers arrive, which is usually scheduled for the early morning. If you have small children or a baby, arrange for someone to look after them during the moving day.

Step 6: After the Move. Perhaps the hardest part, in terms of organization. It will see like an endless process, but turning an empty flat or house into your own home that feels comfortable and cozy is an amazing feeling that each member of the family can participate in.

Consider these basic steps for your London house move and you will manage with it before you know it.

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