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Add to that the fact that most of the time we are on a tight schedule since work never waits and weekends are a bad time to waste we often end up dealing with all of this without much zeal. Professional moving companies can help you avoid the headaches of such an endeavour by providing you with the vehicle needed and the hands to move everything hassle-free. See for yourself by utilizing the services of one such a company.

Elephant and Castle is a central London area sitting nearly right in the geographical focal point of the ancient capital. Out here one may find intersections to a great many parts of town connected by the streets. The name used out of convenience is “The Elephant” and the area this name covers includes places like Elephant and Castle shopping centre, which has a strangely perched office building upon it, a symbol of the architecture of the 1960s with its old school, blocky charm. The building upon building is called the Hannibal House and it currently houses some government offices, although it was rumoured the place was planned for demolition in 2012.

The most well-known celebrities which grew up here are the brilliant Charlie Chaplin and the no less amazing Michael Caine, both of them having grown up here and even born here. The area also houses the Michael Faraday memorial which honours the famous scientist and his work on electromagnetism. The Elephant has a rich history laced with the deeds of the Church and the construction of St. Peter’s Hospital by the curiously named Worshipful Company of Fishmongers in the year 1601, which served as not only a hospital but also an almshouse.

The Elephant is a great place to live because of its central location and easy transportation links, so if you decide to move in the area contact Removals Elephant and Castle and work out the details for your convenience. Do keep in mind however that because of said central location the area can be quite busy with traffic so reserving a parking spot for your removals vehicle can be a good idea and something to do ahead of time. Doing so will ensure an easy removal and time and money saved for both you and the removals team. More information can be found on the Borough of Southwark on the following link.

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