When renting a storage area, sometime we run into the question, will it be big enough? It can be if it is packed right, yes, there is a right way to pack and stack a storage space. “How” is the question? There are several ways to maximize the space that can be found in a storage unit. Much of it has to do with what you are actually going to store in it, such as furniture, just boxes or everything included but there are ways to get everything to fit inside a storage unit safely. If not, just rent another one.


When stacking boxes, these steps need to be taken in order to gain a correct stack and to make the stack stable. First, when stacking boxes they need to be stacked by size and shape, same shape boxes need to be stacked on top of each other. This will keep the stack stable but this alone will not do it. Weight of the boxes needs to be taken into account as well. If boxes are not stacked with size and weight considered then it will lead to wasted space and possible injury due to instability in the stack.

Filling in wasted space:

When storing items in in a storage unit most of the time there are some pieces of furniture that get put into the unit empty such as a chest of drawers and there is so much space in these types of items that can be used. If these types of furniture are stored then take advantage of that space; fill the drawers with clothes and other small items. This can make room for at least 3 to 4 more boxes.

Awkwardly shaped items:

There are many items that will be stored that cannot be stacked or just may be such an awkward shape that you may not know where to put them in the unit. What do you do with these items? The best thing to do is to put them in last. Stack all your boxes and easily stackable items in first and then use whatever space you have left for the items that just cannot be stacked any certain way. These items may include chairs, glass tables or mattresses. Mattresses, glass sheets and mirrors should be laid on their side against a wall if possible.

Remember to leave a small two inch gap from the walls of the storage unit to help air circulation, otherwise humidity can build up much easier and ruin certain items. Standard size units can fit just about everything the average person will store, but there are many different size storage units and storage types. Self-storage is one of the most common forms of storage but there is also the option of warehouse storage and containerized storage. What will work best for you depends on what will be stored and how long it will need to be stored for. Check out the various options as some may require a certain period contract and some such as self-storage are paid monthly.

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