There is a wide range of removal companies out there which cater for both international and national removals. Some of these companies are big concerns and others are smaller firms, consisting of only a few workers. There are understandable reasons for choosing either type of company, but the most important thing is that you choose a reputable company that you can trust. There are advantages and disadvantages for hiring either company to deal with your removal needs, but both the big and small companies offer different services that may benefit you. Once you have decided on whether you should use a well-known company or a smaller concern, you can then begin your search for finding a reputable and affordable one.

The Well-known Companies
It is quite easy to call up one of the larger and more well-known companies and hire them to do the job. Yes, you will save time searching for a company, but they do come at a price. The advantages of choosing a well-known removals company is that you can guarantee that your personal possessions are in the right hands, and they more often than not, do all of the loading and unloading – so you don’t have to lift a finger. Some of these companies will even ask if you would like them to take charge of packing and labelling your belongings too, but of course this comes at an extra cost.

You may be put on a waiting list and you may not be able to move on the exact date that you wanted, as they often have so many other removals to do and they get booked up very quickly.
Larger companies often require you to list every item that you have packed.
The cost of hiring a well-known company can be rather high, as you can be guaranteed a secure and reputable service.

The Smaller Companies
If however, you pick a smaller, family-type business you will have some pros and cons too.
The total cost of hiring a smaller removals company can be quite a bit lower than with bigger companies.
You may not have to write out a list of every item that goes on to the removals lorry.
There may not be as many pre-removals tasks and paperwork to sort out.
There may not be such a long waiting list and you may have more flexibility on the removals date.
Also, you may be able to compromise with the company over any problem or any needs that you may have.

If you were to stumble upon an untrustworthy company, more often than not it would be a smaller company rather than a well-known one.

You may have to do a lot of the lifting, loading and unloading yourself or you will need to hire and pay someone to do this if you are unable to do so on your own.

Finding the Right Company
Whether you choose a big company or a smaller, local firm, make sure you follow these golden rules – and you won’t go wrong!
•    Get recommendations from people you know
•    Search on the internet for any problems that have occurred in the past with a particular company and find out how or if the problem was resolved.
•    Meet with a representative, the boss, the driver – or all of them, before you decide on using their services. You need to make sure that each person who you deal with is trustworthy and reliable. You need to know that the driver is honest and responsible and that the boss is somebody who you can deal with if you have a problem.
•    Ask questions about matters that you need and would like to know about regarding the company, the staff and the removals process.
•    Ask the company questions that they should easily be able to give an answer to, for example, experience, costs, potential problems, insurance etc.
•    See what support or insurance they are willing to offer you if any item goes missing or you experience another problem.
•    Make sure the company can give you a set price on the removals job (a price that doesn’t change), once the company are aware of your details and the size of your load.
•    Talk to any previous clients who have used the company and ask them all of the good points and all of the bad points about them.

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