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light move Finsbury ParkIf you are considering moving into the area consider calling 020 8746 4339 for Finsbury Park Removals to get a free quote from a professional removals company. We can help you out and make your move go smooth!

When we move in a new area we are often hard-pressed for time and that can lead to all kinds of problems while doing so – damage to our furniture, things lost or forgotten and a whole plethora of possibilities for things to go wrong. All of those can be avoided if we use the help of a moving company with experience behind their backs which know what to do and have the right equipment and vehicles to handle all of those things for us.

Finsbury Park (not to be mistaken with Finsbury) is an area in the North parts of London right at the junction of Hackney, Haringey and Islington Boroughs. It is a small, but important junction of railway lines which also houses the park of the same name and a various intercrossing of public transportation lines like bus lines, rail and tube stations and lines.

The area has a number of trade establishments. The North London Central Mosque is also located here, which is a modernized version of a classic mosque construction, bearing similarities to traditional London architecture instead of the more typical Eastern elements prevalent in their construction. It was open in 1994 by Prince Charles himself.

Close by is the Emirates Stadium which serves as one of the stadiums where the football club Arsenal plays. If you’ve never been to it you should go sometime, the red color theme of the club and the architecture of the place make it look grand.

Of course the place which serves as a centre of attention here is the park itself, which s a gorgeous 46 hectares green space made up of avenues of trees, lots of open space and a lake, lots of places for picnics and children to run around to exhaustion. There are also football pitches, basketball and tennis courts as well among the many facilities in the park.

The origins of the park lay in the late parts of the 19th century when Londoners were inspired by the parks and open spaces in Paris during those days and were unhappy with the way the Industrial Revolution was choking the life out of the districts in the capital. A petition was signed in 1841 when the people of London wanted a park which the poor can use. Unsurprisingly enough there was opposition from certain parts of society but in the end the park was open and people finally had a great place to enjoy in the midst of the smog of Industrialism in the area. The park nowadays serves as a music venue at times with band such as Kiss, Oasis, Groove Armada and Rage Against the Machine among others having their concerts under the open space.

If you decide to live in the area do remember to reserve a parking spot near your new destination so you can deal with the move quickly and without a hitch. Because of the unique placement of Finsbury Park it falls under the jurisdiction of three Boroughs, and because of that you can find parking spot information on all of their respective websites if you follow these links:


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