Renting an apartment takes time to find just what we are looking for, most people though get carried away when they find a place that looks really great and they forget to ask or find out about some important aspects of the place they want to rent. One of the more common is to forget to ask about pet policies but there are some other questions you may want to ask about before signing the rental agreement. Some of the common and important questions that are forgotten can be found here, these top five questions are quite important.

1)       What is the duration of the lease?

This is very important because if it expires you may have to sign another lease after the expiration or you may be liable for payments until the close of the lease. The duration of the lease can be from 3 months, up to five years or more so you may want to make sure you question this when you have found your dream apartment. At least be sure to read the fine print.

2)       Are you allowed to sublet? (have roommates)

In some places this rule is very strict and they do not allow you to have roommates or even visitors stay at the apartment for more than 30 days. It seems harsh but this is the reality, so it is always a good idea to question this so you don’t get a surprise warning of an eviction or an addition to your monthly rent as some landlords will write it out a specific amount in the agreement for additional persons living in the apartment.

3)        Is there any storage space included?

As you move into your new apartment it is likely that some of your belongings just may not fit and most apartments include a general storage area, especially if they are in a complex. This is something most landlords forget to mention, so it is best to point it out and pose the question. This will save you time and money if you need storage space after you move into the apartment.

4)       Can I paint the apartment?

Almost everyone likes to give their new place a touch of their own style aside from their choice of furniture and drapes but it is actually quite common that landlords do not let you paint apartments and unless it is already painted the common color is flat white. If you ask about this you may find that you will be allowed to paint the apartment but when the lease expires or you move out, the paint must be returned to the original color. So try not to paint your walls black!

5)       How often is the rent raised?

This may be one of the most important questions you can ask because in many apartment complexes the rent is raised annually or in specific cases and you do not want to get caught off guard in this regard. Another way to pose the question is “When was the last time the rent was raised?”

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