The best way to get a good removals quote is to call up a whole variety of companies. But what determines how cheap it will be in the end? One thing to look for is the location of the moving service. If you search on the internet for a ‘London removal company’ you are going to find tens of thousands of companies. A more specific search for ‘Crouch End removals’ might turn up something more reasonable. Another way of doing it would be to put your postcode in, as in ‘N8 home removal companies’. This should turn up some very specific companies indeed, ones who are either based in, or operate within Crouch End and the N8 area.

It’s also important, for the sake of you and the movers, that you give the house moving firm an accurate picture of the amount of goods they will be moving. For example, telling them that you have four bin bags full of clothes, twenty boxes which are around a half metre cubed and a small desk. That gives them a very good picture of the size of the vehicle that they will need. If they turn up unprepared because you gave them poor information, they are liable to charge you more because of the inconvenience you have caused them. Removal quotes are not set in stone; if it is your fault that they have not brought a big enough van, or enough helpers, you will be getting a home moving process far more expensive than it needed to be, just for messing them around.

Find out the average removal price in your area. You can do this by searching the internet and seeing the reviews, experiences and testimonials of your local movers, but it’s also worth taking into account that not every move is the same. Your move is unique which is why you need to call the movers for a quote. Calling up ten companies to start with will give you a good idea of the range of prices. Take the lowest price from that batch, and write down the company name and number, along with their quote on a piece of paper. Repeat the process until you find a removals firm which beats the price. If you think you could find lower, keep repeating the process until you’re either happy with the cost, or sick of dealing with the customer service department.

As well as the points above, it’s a good idea to book the removal in advance. This could keep costs low as it isn’t like you’ve demanded an emergency call-out from the company. Removal businesses like to know what they’re doing and when they’re doing it and have future work in the diary. If you give them that instead of calling them the night before, they are going to be pleased and might keep the costs low for you. To recap, plan your move before you make it. Pack up before you tell the removal company how much stuff you’ve got which you need them to move, and call as many local places as you possibly can. If the local places are all expensive, maybe you live in an area where the very name itself is expensive. Try calling companies based in another ward in the borough, or ones which operate in the whole of London. You could be surprised at the difference a name makes. If a company has the big idea that it is a Chelsea removal company, it might think that translates to higher prices. Try calling a company from an area nearby which doesn’t have as much ‘prestige’.

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