It is normal for a person to be very excited when moving to a new place. But apart from the excitement, many people connect the actual move with much frustration and stress. The activity of moving comprises all the preparations and organization of packing, transportation and unpacking of all your household items. Very often when the truck is loaded and is ready to leave we take a deep breath and say to ourselves “Ohhh, that was it!” Actually, we are faced with the longest part of the London removals – the unpacking. Many of us will want to put in order everything as quickly as possible, but keep in mind that this job can’t be done in just one day. Moreover, it will be very helpful for you if you manage to leave enough time for unpacking and arranging the new home. The weekends and the evenings will surely do, but if you have the whole week, for example, you’ll be calmer and anxiety-free. And if you have kids, think about somebody who can look after them, and in case they are older, then do not hesitate to include them in the whole process. Besides, you can hire man and van London company which will undertake the whole process of moving on your behalf performing a wide range of professional removal services.

So, the first and most important task is to make a plan. This can begin with the provision of the tools you’ll need for unpacking – such as scissors, knives, cleaning materials and so on. Then look for your inventory list. This is the item which will help you to see if everything has arrived, as well as help with the further relocation of the boxes. You will save much effort if all the boxes are directly sent to the room in which they belong. It’s also a good idea to unpack one room at a time. When a given room is finished, throw away the empty boxes, thus leaving a clean space for work.

Now that you have built up your working plan, it’s time for action. The first things to be unpacked should be the essential ones, or those with ‘open me first’ labels. These will be boxes which contain goods that have to be stored in the fridge and some bathroom articles, such as soaps, toothbrushes, and toilet paper.

And since the kitchen is the place where the whole family gathers to eat, talk and relax, it will be good to start with this room. You can start with the most frequently used kitchenware and appliances such as the coffeemaker, microwave, and all the pots, pans and dishes you’ll need to prepare food. Of course, there are things like crystal glassware and the silverware, for example, which could be left for later on.

One can imagine the exhaustion after such a hard day. And if you haven’t arranged a sleep over, then the bedroom is the next important room to be unpacked. First you must assemble your bed, then look for the linens and the pillows. After that, if you have enough time you can place the wardrobes and the other furniture and proceed with the clothes and other personal accessories.

Once the kitchen, bathroom and bedroom are ready and all the essentials that are connected with your daily routine are unpacked, you can start thinking about the arrangement of all the books in the library, mirrors, pictures and ornaments which will decorate your home.

The basement, attic and garage are the places that are usually last to be unpacked and used as units self storage since the items which are often stored there aren’t for daily use. And once again, make sure you organize enough space and the necessary tools for effective work.

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