Moving is a horrifically difficult time, both in a mental and physical sense. The state of the housing market can make a London house removal a long and drawn out process, by the end of which you could be physically and psychologically exhausted. At this point after trying to juggle every aspect of the move yourself, it might well be a good idea to consider trying to hire some professional assistance to make sure you execute the final stages of your London home move efficiently and smoothly. This could take the form of a removal service, but I am here to talk about the numerous and wide reaching benefits of hiring a London man and van service to assist you with your moving day – and why they could be the perfect option for you.

A man and van service is, in many ways, advantageous to hiring a full scale removal company. One way in which this is especially true is in trying to book a man and van service when compared to a removal company. Removal companies will often want a fixed date for your removal weeks, if not months in advance, and can often be fully booked for a number of weeks – meaning you will have to be prepared and in the know about your exact moving date from a very early stage. On the other hand, man and van companies require just a few days notice to start working. This can help you out if you are stuck moving at the last minute, but also if there is some flexibility in your exact moving date, then you can wait to try and get a date that has more favourable circumstances, such as nicer weather or less traffic and road works, to make your move go as smoothly as possible.

Another, more obvious benefit of a man and van service is the price. Removal service quotes can stretch to an inordinately high price when a number of different circumstances are considered, but not only are man and van services cheaper – they are also up front about the costs involved. Many will advertise by the hour, many by mile travelled between the two houses and some for advertise a flat rate for the day. However, an average man and van service will come to the equivalent of approximately £20 an hour. Furthermore, another man (if necessary) can often be hired for another £10 an hour, which will then cut down significantly the time that you require them to be in your service for (which could actually make hiring an extra hand cheaper, as well as more convenient).

Furthermore, it is worth pointing out that a man and van service can be more convenient. Certainly in many areas of London, access can be a serious issue, meaning that you may have to think twice about whether a full scale lorry could even get down your road. And even if it can, are you sure it can go along the route to your new place and access your new road? Parking is hard to come by at the best of times, so parking with something to large and immobile is doubly difficult. Furthermore, in many city based flats and apartments, or even a lot of houses – you may discover you’d actually have difficulty filling up a lorry enough to justify hiring it because of lack of space. This is also made true because the culture of renting is much more prevalent in the capital than in other areas of the country, meaning that furnished houses are much more common. All of this makes a man and van service the frugal, convenient and efficient option for your London home removal.

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