Getting to grips with the idea of moving can be even more daunting than the actual move itself, so having some pointers as to how to start out with planning your move can be very helpful. There are hints and tips abound that will give you the know how to get started with your move as quickly and efficiently as possible, but the real tip is to get yourself a decent removals team who will make your move as easy and cost effective as possible, without you having to worry to organize it all on your own! Hiring SW5 movers can make your move a hassle-free experience, so we will give you a handy guide to choosing the right movers for you.

You are aware that getting started with your move is a worrying affair, but even finding the right movers can be just as much of a worry! Reduce the vast number of options that you have by looking only at removal companies in your area. While this will help by reducing the amount of home work that you have to do on different movers, it will also be more realistic price wise to use a removals company that have a base in your area, as initial petrol costs will be lower, and the company will be more willing to make it over for the potential viewing of your house for evaluation.

When you have found a few companies that look right for you, see if you can arrange a few of them to come round and have a look at the house and the amount of stuff you have. This will give them a good idea as to what needs doing and how many men you will need, as well as the type of vehicle that will be required. These valuations should really be free, or they are not really worth doing, so most companies offer them as a way of giving a realistic quote and sucking you in with talk of their amazing services. Do not allow yourself to be won over too easily. Make notes on the quotes and the services that the price includes. Listen carefully to see if you are being given a service that you do not really need, as often the company will try to drive the price up by adding extras that sound useful but are actually extraneous and could be done without.

These valuations and quotes will give you the run of the amounts that you are looking at spending. When you have worked out the right price for the right service that suits you, ring the companies back and tell them that you are very tempted by their offer and find out how much of a discount they can offer, based on the quotes that you have received from other companies. There is nothing wrong with a bit of bartering if you know what you are doing, and have reasons for asking for a lower price. There is no point, however, in demanding a lower price with no reason, as it will be very unlikely to work, and you may just end up annoying the removal company that you actually wanted to work with!

Act with well-considered decency and remember that removal men are people too! There is a lot to be said for keeping the human element of your SW5 move entertained, as it will keep people on your side during a very stressful time, the support of whom you will very likely need!

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