The title says it all, getting the best removal service will completely change your moving experience, so make sure that you get it right by following our useful hints and tips.

While hiring the best removals company ensures a successful house move, it may be difficult to find that perfect company in the first place! We’ll get you started with a list of things to consider while getting your head around the thousands of different companies that are available to you across the country.

Firstly, where are you based? It may seem obvious, but getting a removals firm that are based in your area is very important, as it will make initial communications easier, as well as saving you money on fuel costs in the initial stages of the move. It is also worth noting that you need your removal company to arrive pretty early on the day of the move, especially if you have a large job ahead of you. You will want to be traveling during the middle of the day in order to avoid any rush hour traffic, and the best way to ensure this is to get the van packed up earlier in the morning and have it ready to leave before midday.

When you have found the right sorts of companies in your locality, you can start finding out how much they will be demanding for your needs. As mentioned above, some removal companies will offer a free evaluation, where a representative will come round in order to have a look at how the job lies. This is useful in estimating how large the move is, in terms of things needing to be transported, as sometimes it can be hard to gauge if you are not experienced in the matter. The evaluation will also give a good idea as to how many men will be required to move everything, which is another issue that you may have without a professional. While these evaluations are very helpful in many ways it can also be slightly troublesome in that the process gives the company a way in on a personal level. Meeting you and looking around your home allows the representative to break down the barrier of the phone or email contact that you would have previously had, so be wary of allowing the rep to smart talk you in to agreeing to a deal that you may not have done if you were looking at it on paper. The best way to avoid falling in to this trap is to have a few different companies come round and have a look. This way you will be able to hear what different companies can offer, and it will also give you a decent insight in to how different companies work. Armed with this information you can start to make your decisions.

When you feel like you have a few favorites in mind, ring round each of them letting them know of any lower quotes that you have had, and see if you can haggle them down a little. There is nothing wrong with reasonable bartering, as there can be bargains to be found, however unrealistic demands, or ill-educated attempts at coordinating a reduction will most likely end up in annoying the company and potentially losing the trade of a decent remover, so be careful!

We hope that these tips help you to get the best price for your removal company, and wish you every bit of luck with your relocation.

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