Shifting your home from one location to another is stressful and hard enough on its own, not to mention how much harder an international removal is. It is probably double the stress, double the risks and much more expensive too. In order to manage successfully, it is obvious that you will need to hire a removal company – one specializing in long-distance and international home relocations. The organization must be immaculate, so you don’t risk damaging your belongings or forgetting something behind. The first thing to do is start planning the whole process – months earlier.

Book your flights, check schools and make as many phone calls as necessary to avoid all the last-minute hassle. After that start searching for the company which services you will use. Don’t stress out much about the security of your belongings. As long as you take your most expensive and valuable items with you in your luggage, you will be alright. Don’t let only the price determine your choice of company. Seek for a reputable company which has been in the business long enough to have the right expertise to manage your relocation. Since there is quite a competition in this business, if you hire the company months before the actual relocation you may even be lucky enough to receive a discount. Inquire about different options for relocation of pets, plants and artwork. It’s better to know your options well in advance in order to be able to make the right decisions.

Don’t worry if you have too many bulky items, apart from household ones, such as sports equipment, boats and cars. A good removals company is able to transport anything internationally. Decide what you want to keep with you abroad and what you wish to sell or leave to friends or family. Paying for the transport of all your belongings to an international location can be really expensive. Prepare a list of your inventory and discuss your options with the manager. A big removals company will be able to shift your possessions to any place in the world: Asia, Eastern Europe, Australia, Russia, Africa, you name it. Once you have made the right choice of a company it’s up to you whether you wish to pack your belongings or leave that to the movers too. One option is to pack all small things, books, clothes, china and kitchenware. When it comes to electrical appliances and furniture, it’s better to step away and leave the trained movers to deal with them.

While the removalists are doing their job, you will have plenty of time to do yours: research your new location, its culture and characteristics, find a school for your children, and many other things, which will make you feel at home again. Once you arrive, you can unpack your household yourself and save some money this way. Make sure all the furniture is placed where it should be, and do as few shifts as possible. If there is much to do around the house, make a list of unpacking tasks and don’t rush to do everything on the first day, as you won’t manage anyway. Unpacking and settling down is a long and tiring process and it involves more than just the physical labour and efforts. Adjusting to the new house, neighborhood, culture and even language takes time, sometimes longer than expected. Make sure you have gathered enough information about the place you are moving to and don’t worry.

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