While moving house there are an abundance of things to get excited about; your new life in a new location, you may have a wonderful new house which is a real bare bones project that you are really looking forward to doing up with your own style, redecorating and filling with the perfect furniture to complement you and your lifestyle, or perhaps you are just moving in to a fully furnished place, either way, there will be so many unexpected costs to do with agency fees, solicitor costs, potential survey fees as well as waving good bye to your deposit for a while, that you need to avoid spending as much as you can! The question ‘is it possible to find a cheap removals service?’ is a common one amongst those of us who find ourselves in a spot of financial trouble during a potentially delicate time in our lives; there is little point in having a lovely new home if you can’t afford food or water! We will run through a few hints and tips on how to make your removals service as cheap as possible, and show you some alternatives to hiring a moving company.

Firstly, if you feel like you can afford a removals company, there are a few ways in which to reduce your costs. Making the load less will reduce the amount that needs to be carried, and thus reduce the amount of men needed, as well as the time taken. Getting rid of valuable items on websites offering such services will gain you some much needed extra cash, as will going to a car boot sale and pricing old clothes and other less expensive items quite low. When discussing the move with your removals company, ask how many men they think they will need, and find out how much the cost will be reduce if you lower their number of staff. If the figure is much more affordable then you may be able to save money by getting friends or family to fill the spaces in the removal team. Comparing quotes and haggling the price of your move is another way to make things cheaper, but obviously you risk sacrificing service this way, so be careful of hiring cowboys who give you a cheap quote, but will have hidden charges for unnecessary extra services.

If you are really stuck on a tight budget, then the best way to do things is by yourself! Or at least with the help of some good friends who are willing to help you out for very little reward! If you want to bypass the whole removal services route, then the best way to do things is to rent an appropriate van yourself and get a group of able bodied friends and relatives who can help out. Promise them a hearty meal at the new place and you may find that it is actually a much more pleasant experience than dealing with strangers on what can be a rather stressful day. If you do not need a big van and there is only a small amount to move, then renting a man and van type of service will often be even cheaper, as they charge by the hour. Most services start at twenty pounds per hour, and if you are moving in a city, then that will often be the best bet for you. as you progress outside of the M25 then you may discover that the rate changes to a ‘per mile’ basis, which, if calculated properly, should be fine.

Good Luck!

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