Making a change is usually a pleasant thing to do. But when a person has many things to plan, it can turn into an unpleasant duty and might make them think was it really necessary. And if they have small children, it will automatically double the stress of packing and moving.

Judging from experience, most people would like to have a list that can be checked off as the process moves along. It will sufficiently ease the process, but lots of patience for the children has to be added.

During London removals each person experiences some stress, but it is less difficult for adults, and maybe even for teenagers. Adults understand what is happening, and teenagers also understand, but will certainly not miss a chance to get angry at their parents. For younger children, it is harder to understand the reasons for moving.

Talking to the children about what is going to happen is essential, but it shouldn’t start too early and too far away from the actual event because children quickly lose interest and will forget everything until the day arrives. So maybe two months before a move will be the proper time to start discussing it with your kids. Talking about it shouldn’t be done every day, but often enough, so that the children still stay with the topic. Adjust the words and explanations for the age of the children, so you are sure they understand what moving means.

However, if you have kids under age five, do not worry as much; they are likely to adjust quickly, as long as their parents are close to them.

In practical terms, moving is the proper time to cancel any subscriptions to newspapers or magazines, redirect your mail and start your research for new schools, kindergartens, etc.

As the day of the removal gets closer, the removal services that should be performed will get more specific and more urgent. So be sure that at about three weeks before the removal date you have decided exactly what to take and what to leave, and maybe what to sell or donate. Confirm a reservation with a man and van London company, go to your bank and transfer all the accounts, depending on where you are moving. By this point the notifying of the telephone, gas, electricity and water supply companies should be done and the contracts for the new place should be signed.

Take a good look at your kids’ stuff – make sure that everything the smallest ones play with every day is going to be taken. If you fail to do this, adjusting to the new home will be much more difficult for the child. It is really a good idea to hold off on the perfect, new interior design for a while and use the old furniture instead, especially for the children’s bedroom.

All of the packing and removal preparations should be finished about three to five days before starting the removal. In the final days, there are only a few activities that you should be concerned with. The car is what will take your family to the new place, so make sure that the oil, water and the tyres are good. Make sure that there is clean laundry for everyone for a few days. Then, defrost the fridge, turn it off and clean it. Try to unfreeze and eat most of the food and don’t do a lot of cooking if it is not necessary to do so. If the house is going to stay empty, inform the police and some neighbors about that.

Leave as few tasks as possible for the actual moving day. Mainly, turn off the electricity, water, gas and anything else that could cause an accident. Take half an hour to go round the house and the yard to find anything left behind. If you are already set to leave, transfer all you attention to the children now. Take time to observe and to help him or her to adapt. Stick to the same daily routine – no matter what this will cost you. For example, if the child is still in daycare, have him or her tell you as much as possible about the day there so that he or she will be distracted.

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