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london man with a van Moving house, whether in London, Man and Van Servicesthe UK or the EU, is commonly believed to be one of the five most stressful things you can do in life – right up there with bereavement and marriage. There is so much to organise, so many possessions to pack and it can be a lengthy and frustrating process. Luckily, there is a professional, affordable removals and hire service right here in London. London Removals’ Man and Van is here to smooth the way and take away the hassle.

Anyone who has tried to move office or home by themselves will know just what a nightmare it can be. There are so many things to think about:

- packing valuables safely

- the physical work of hauling your life’s possessions, getting them into transport … and then out again!

- hiring a van or lorry (and driving it)

- often, storing your valuables securely for an interim period

- cleaning up the property you are vacating …

… and doing all this to a deadline!

All this has to be handled whilst you are also in what can be an administrative hell … signing documents, waiting for bank transfers, handing over keys – sometimes with buyers sitting impatiently outside, waiting to move in.

So it makes sense to hire London Removals .org.uk to ease the burden. Once you’ve decided to hire a moving service, there are several more things to consider. Do you trust the people you are dealing with, will you get to know them, or will you simply be another payer dealing with a faceless, large organisation? Can you afford the overheads of a one of the national firms? Can they offer you the removal service YOU want, or will you be shoehorned into one of their packages?

Hiring a man with a van could be the perfect solution. Dealing with a small but well-established company like London Removals means you will get a personal service, tailored to your needs. With London Removals .org.uk’s service, you’ll:

- pay less – as smaller outfits have lower overheads

- be cared for as an individual, not just another job – with flexible arrangements, shorter notice periods and negotiable time periods

- get to know the people who will be moving your precious belongings

- have less hassle, form-filling and bureaucracy – though still, of course, have a watertight and clear contract.

You might be budgeting several thousand pounds for your move. If so, there’s more good news for your bank balance. The Man and Van charges from London Removals .org.uk are from £40 per hour and there will be no sudden extra charges added on. The company has a transparent pricing policy, meaning you know exactly what you’ll be spending. The minimum hire time is a mere two hours – so you might be moving for the incredibly reasonable price of £80 plus VAT! Hiring a van alone, without a man to do all the heavy lifting, will often be more than this.

Flexibility is so important. Some larger removals companies require several months’ notice of bookings and this just isn’t always practical. As long as there’s someone available, Man and Van will usually be able to fit you in. Have you also noticed that the larger firms offer fixed packages, meaning you typically have to pay them for a two-day (or longer) period? Some moves, for example moving offices or the contents of a flat across London, take a lot less than a day. A man and van can often be hired for part of a day, reducing your costs still further.

Maybe you are moving house or office within London, elsewhere in the UK or maybe you’re relocating within Europe. The good news? The man and van removals service has handled all these situations before – with glowing customer testimonials to prove it. No job is too big nor too small. Man and van are on hand with some great advice on everything from how to pack your belongings to dealing with freight and import regulations.

van hire ukWhat you want when moving house or office is someone who will be straight with you and ready with advice. From the moment you hire man and van from London Removals, you’ll get the help you need. You can even get free tips and advice before you contract the removals firm, on the website. Man and van will advise you on the right type and size of boxes, how to pack them safely and more. And it needn’t only be one man, one van! For larger movers, the London firm can provide several men and more than one vehicle for hire.

Sometimes, the gap between vacating one home or office and moving into another can be longer than just a few hours and this can REALLY add to the stress. And the cost! If your household or office goods need temporary, secure storage, Man and van can help there, too. Storing the contents of a large, four-bedroom house costs roughly £75 per week, while a small office or studio apartment could cost as little as £15 a week. These are among the best prices you will find – particularly for removals and storage in London. Of course, the storage is totally secure.

So, having decided to use a man with a van, it’s time to get packing. Here are Londo Removal .org.uk’s top three tips for safe packing:

1. choose the right materials.

Strong boxes, good quality tape, bubble wrap and packing paper will keep your breakables safe. Don’t forget – you can use your own blankets, towels, cushions and sleeping bags, too!

2. Don’t overstuff boxes.

As a guide, especially with heavier items such as books, don’t fill the box more than half way. Pack heavy things on the bottom and ensure there is plenty of cushioning so nothing rattles around.

3. Label, label, label.

Mark which room each box is destined for and what is inside. Write FRAGILE big and clear on delicate items so your man with his van knows which ones need extra careful handling.

Now – your ready for a stress-free, affordable move! For more help and a no-obligation quote, call Man and Van on 020 8746 4339.

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