Moving abroad, without the headaches!

relocation servicesWe all dream of having a house overseas and, for more and more people from the UK every year, this dream is becoming a reality. Maybe your heart’s desire is an apartment in a ski resort. Maybe you’d love a villa with pool near the beach. Maybe it’s a rural idyll in one of the quieter parts of Europe, with donkeys, storks and a more traditional way of life that does it for you.

Whatever the reason for moving and living abroad, at least 5.5 million UK citizens have taken the plunge. So is it your turn next? How will you do it without stress? London Removals is the answer.

Moving within the European Union (EU) is much easier than relocating elsewhere and all UK citizens have the right to reside in the EU. It’s also much nearer than, say, the USA or Australia, making it simpler and cheaper to move house within the European Union. And there are twenty-seven member state countries to choose from! From the snowy zones of Austria, Finland and Sweden to the sun zones of Greece, Spain and Italy … there is so much to choose from. No longer are the Brits confined to Tuscany, the Costas or Provence. Bulgaria and Romania are the latest to join in 2007 and are proving extremely popular with British expats. The next countries likely to join the EU are Croatia and the Former Yugoslav Republic of Macedonia … both of which have some major attractions for those looking to move abroad.

Though the dream of leaving it all behind for a new life in a home abroad may be wonderful, for some it has become a nightmare. With moving house being commonly regarded as one of the five most stressful things you can do in life, an international relocation could top the list. There is simply so much to organise.

Firstly, you have to find your dream home abroad! While it may be tempting to rely on what look like absolute bargains on eBay or similar sites, what look like bargains may turn out to be little more than hovels in reality. Though some British expats have had no problems buying over the Internet without having seen the property, others have had a horrendous experience ending in court cases. It is highly advisable to make several trips to ‘recce’ the country and the area to which you are hoping to move. Talk to the locals, talk to other expats and really find out whether your move abroad will be a dream or a nightmare. Some recommend several trips over the course of a year so you can seen your new international home in all seasons, checking out access, transport and more.

international removalsThen, you need to sort out the administration. Though you have a right to reside and own property in any EU country, there are different local laws regarding land ownership, citizenship and education, for example. In most countries, you are required by law to register with the local authorities within a certain time period – usually ninety days of arrival. In order to move all your possessions to another country, even within the EU, you need to check a) insurance b) customs allowances and c) restricted goods for every country you are going to pass through. If you are relocating to France, Spain or Belgium for example this won’t be too onerous – but if you are planning to move to Greece or Bulgaria, you need to check whether your route is going to pass through non-EU countries and what laws are for that. If you are lucky enough to be moving to a wonderful Greek or Italian island, you’re going to need to arrange shipping. This is a whole new ball game.

But you needn’t go through these headaches alone. Finding the right company, someone with the expertise in moving abroad, like London Removals, can help enormously and ease your path to your new home overseas, wherever you have chosen. Some might be tempted to try and do this themselves – to pack up and drive across Europe. But there are several reasons why a professional international relocation firm could be easier, less stressful and yes, even cheaper than doing it yourself.

A good moving abroad company like London Removals will be able to help you in several ways:

-   dealing with all the paperwork and insurance

-   arranging air, land or shipping for both you and your household possessions

-   shipping your cars and other vehicles (RVs and motorbikes being classic examples)

-   organise picking you up from the appropriate port or airport and taking you to your home

-   dealing with customs agencies and shipping companies in the native language

-   arranging storage of  your belongings until you arrive at your new home

-   packing your items before you go if you wish, and unpacking them into your new home: so everything is ready for you when you arrive!

Remember: you may not speak the language as fluently of your adopted country as you would like. Not yet. Professional moving companies will supply drivers that do. Moving abroad, if you do it yourself, is going to involve a great deal of driving – usually two to three days – through countries that you may not be familiar with, on the “wrong” side of the road in (unless you are the very lightest of packers) a larger vehicle than you probably drive every day.  Insurance, particularly with all your prized possessions on board, is a major concern and you will need to cover your house contents to the same value as you would if your home was stationary. Then there is security: with several days of driving, you will need a very safe place to park your transport overnight and every time you stop. There are some absolute horror stories of people being robbed in motorway services by opportunistic thieves – not something you want to happen when you are effectively carrying your life with you.

Wouldn’t it be far easier to leave this to professional international house movers from London Removals whose job it is to do this every day? You will arrive far less tired, far more relaxed and with far fewer headaches at your dream home abroad.

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