You have been on a waiting list. You’ve been watching ads, you have asked around. You have longed. You have fought. And then suddenly one day you sit there with your own apartment. Your home and your responsibility. Maybe you are just moving to your own place in the same city or town you family lives in or maybe you are moving to another city or even another country. It doesn’t matter, you will feel alone and small the first night and that is normal. This is a huge step for you and if you have the budget, there will be no problem. Your mom might ask you to stay for another year, but stand your ground; this is your time and if you want to move away. Do it. Remember that feeling when you feel along the first night.

With a lease the rent will inevitably be paid on a monthly basis. The rent will be shown on your rental contract and deposit slip that you get from your landlord.

It is very important that you pay rent on time. If you were to have any problems with it, you must contact your landlord instantly. Perhaps it is possible to make up a payment plan.

If you do not pay the rent on time, your landlord may terminate your contract. Then you have three weeks to go in which to pay rent debt to save the contract. If you are not paying the rent on time it can lead to you being evicted.

An unpaid debt can mean that you get a note or a strike which will make it difficult to obtain a lease in the future. If you get evicted, it becomes even more difficult to get a new lease. To avoid a lot of problems; pay the rent on time.

Making a reasonable budget of your monthly expenses is a good way to get an overview of your finances. But it’s not always easy to know which items of expense that you need to include. It can also be difficult to know how much you should allocate to each thing. An overhead budget like rent and bills are easy to calculate. The variable costs may be more difficult to estimate. Variable expenses are those expenses that vary in size from month to month.

Some expenses are also easy to forget; dentist and hairdresser for example. Goods you buy less often, such as toilet paper, cleaning products and home furnishing must also be included in the budget. If it’s just about the money you have to save it for right things. Rent, electricity and food are things you should always set aside money for, even if you can eat cheaper and save on electricity consumption. Cheaper interior, fewer clothes and less travel and entertainment are perhaps a few other items that you can cut back on. Besides the rent there will be a lot of other costs when you leave home. These include electricity, heating – if not included in the rent – insurance, telephone, Internet TV license fee and food. You may also want to get some money over for some fun activities like going out with your friends or maybe even save some. The best advice I can ever give you is to prioritize rent. A smart way can be to have direct debit where the money automatically will be taken from each month, this lets you think of other things instead and not needing to stress.

Many young people that leave home need to lower their standards compared to how they had it in their childhood home.

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