Buying and moving house can quite rightly be a big deal, usually only happening once or twice in your life. As such, it can not only be a physically tiring day but an emotionally trying day as well. It’s a day where it’s essential to get the big things right, like finding a good removal company, of course. Also, getting the travel plans right, and packing and storing. There can seem an endless list of things to do and plan. However, as much as getting the big things right, it’s just as important to get the smaller details right because it’s the smaller details which can make or break your big day.

Labelling your items is one such small but important detail. It may be all very well finally getting your household belongings to your new place safe and sound. But then on getting there, you find the removal men have no idea where to put everything. Which means, on a very stressful day when you’ve already got a million and one things to think about, you’re also having to constantly direct a group of tired, often disgruntled men to different rooms of your new house because they don’t know or simply aren’t sure where anything goes. It’s the little things like this which could take you to breaking point. Colour coded labelling is one way to prevent that from happening.

Yes, you could rely on the common sense of the removal men to prevail. But it’s not always best to take the common sense of others for granted. It’s possible of course that many items will be stored and packed in cardboard boxes which you can write on. However, there’s other items such as large ornaments or furniture where that just isn’t possible. So here I want to show you just one way of labelling your precious household items so that they end up where you want them to end up, in the correct place in your new home.

So with a colour coded system, you assign each room in your new house a colour.

Here’s a very simple example :

Living Room – Red. Bedroom 1 – Blue. Bedroom 2 – Green. Kitchen – Yellow. Spare Room- Orange.
Then when you’re packing your belongings, ready for the big move, place an appropriately coloured sticker on each box or item which corresponds to each room. You can also place the appropriate coloured sticker on each door of each room in your new house. In this case, that would mean a red sticker goes on the living room door. This means the removal men can double check, if need be, what goes where.

It is up to you how detailed you want to be. You can even place different coloured stickers within a certain room so everyone knows what goes where in each room. You can also combine coloured labels with numbered and lettered labels. Try not to get too complicated, though. Simplicity is the goal and key to an easier day. However, by colour coding your labels in advance, it can prevent a situation where you find yourself rushing around your new house, rearranging furniture and goods which have just been placed everywhere and anywhere.

And it’s cheap. A pack of around a hundred multi-coloured labels can be bought for around a pound at any decent high street shop or online. Remember, it’s the small details which can make or break your big day. Colour-coded labels are just one small way you can make your big day go that little bit easier.

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