In the current economic climate, people are finding it more difficult to afford expensive services. If you live somewhere like Battersea in London for example, you may find you will have to pay more for a removal service. This may lead you to the decision of moving your belongings yourself. If you choose this option, it is essential that you load your vehicle/s correctly so as not to risk unsafe driving. When a standard family car is fully loaded, it can have a massive effect on the cars steering, acceleration and most importantly of all breaking distances. All vehicles have a maximum load rating and these are a legal requirement so must be complied with. Below is a list of helpful; tips to remember when loading various vehicles.


Cars have an enormous amount of excess space to utilise when transporting good, always remember to get your car weighed after fully loaded. If your car looks heavy on the axles, it may be unsafe to drive and it is recommended you have it checked by your applicable driving agency before travelling. It is not illegal to block the view out the rear window but if you are used to having that ability, you may struggle if you block it with boxes, so bare this possible hindrance in mind. Always try to spread the weight evenly in the boot when loading, this will ensure your cars balance and stability aren’t compromised.


A trailer is a very useful vehicle to own or hire, it can be attached to the rear of your car or van and towed behind. Depending on the size of the trailer, you should be able to fit a very large amount of you possessions inside. It is essential to strap down or cover over the items to ensure none of the cargo goes overboard. Be aware that trailers also have a weight limit.


A van can help you transport a very large amount of your belongings in one go, they come in all shapes and sizes so finding one to suit your needs shouldn’t be an issue. Depending on the size of the van, an age restriction may apply, so be sure to check the restrictions before purchasing or renting. When stacking boxes in the back of the van, make sure they are all very secure, you don’t want to arrive at your destination to find all your possessions and been thrown around in the back and possibly broken.

Flatbed Van

A flatbed van can also carry a large amount of cargo, with the added bonus of being totally open at the back. This makes it much easier and faster when loading and unloading. When using this type of vehicle, like the trailer, you should either strap down or cover all items to ensure they stay on board. If you have fragile items in boxes, you won’t want them skidding about when cornering, so strapping down it the best option.

Extra Large Vans

An extra-large van has the ability to move a 2 bed family home’s contents in a single trip; this is obviously a massive benefit. To drive one you may be required to take a test to acquire a specialised licence from your local driving agency. Moving all your belongings in one go can make things run a lot smoother, which in turn means a much less stressful move for you.

As you can see there are many different vehicles available when it comes to transporting goods. Whether you have only a few items or a whole house full, there will be a vehicle to fit the lot. To make the transportation even less stressful, you can hire the required vehicle along with a driver, this way all you have to do is pack and unpack as they will usually load up the vehicle for you.

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