Getting a move underway is a difficult thing, as often it is hard to know where to start, with the various factors involved in a move all jostling for your attentions at the beginning. When you are taking on a larger move, it is often the case that you would want to book your removals company well in advance, as there are discounts to be had, as well as the necessary evils of getting in their first and preventing your favorite company from being poached on the dates that you require. When you are doing a smaller move in Bromley, you will often find that a man and van service is a lot more useful, as they are a way more flexible than a full scale removals company. In this instance you can often book a lot later than you would have to with a larger company. The flexibility of a man and van is a great part of being able to deal with a smaller move, but you should not presume that you don’t have to worry about getting the right man and van involved, as otherwise an oversight could lead to many more issues. Man and van Bromley will be a great way to get a smaller flat moved in a simple and efficient way, but if your move is a larger one, do not attempt to bite off more than you can chew, as you may well find that you spend more sorting out the issues that come with a badly done move, than you save by not using a larger company.

Booking a man and van BR1 is easy, as there will be a great many man and van services in any area, especially around London. Finding a Bromley man and van may be a piece of cake, but finding a man and van with the right budget and van size for your needs will be less easy. You will likely find that the prices for man and van services vary a surprising amount, from a low of say 15 pounds per hour, to a much higher sum for some jobs with a fixed fee. This is one of the discrepancies that you can use to your advantage, depending on the type of move that you are doing, as the differing ways in which a man and van will charge can result in some savings if you know the job well. You will almost always find that a service that charges by the hour will be cheaper than a fixed rate for the whole job, and if you are aware of how many hours the job should take, you can work out what you should realistically be paying. The difficulty comes of course when you run into traffic or any other sort of issue that takes up time, so you must be well prepared if you are taking the risk. If you are concerned about going over budget, and you are fine with an overall price that you have been quoted, then it is clearly best to go with the flat rate, as this will mean that you avoid any nasty surprises along the way.

Using a man and van is a great way to make a smaller move simple and flexible, but you must be prepared. Reducing the amount of time that you require the van for will hopefully bring down your costs, as will having more hands on deck with the job, so get a few friends round to help with the lifting, and you should find that you can save a fair bit of cash!

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