The east of London has been on the up for a good 30 years, and seems to be reaching the peak of coolness, with smart young businesses jostling for space and trying to get ahead in busy creative industry. The North East however has always been quite a trendy are to live in, especially those areas connected by the Victoria line to the heart of London. These places are already pretty expensive to live in, but there are a fair amount of businesses moving office to Highbury because of the new Overground East London line, which connects the epicenters of cool like Dalston and Shoreditch to the area.

For this reason, a new office move is very attractive, and will be an exciting prospect for any business owner, however there are always an abundance of aspects to consider when you are making the big haul to a new area. How will you get all of your items moved, what will you need to change, and what will it all cost?

Moving office is usually associated with a change in the business. You may be upscaling, down sizing or just need to change your aspect. Whatever the reason for the move, it’s a perfect time to reinvent the look and feel of your work place, and therefore the aesthetics and potentially the productivity of your business. You will likely have considered the space and facilities of your new office as the main things to look out for when you were looking. There are other things to take note of however, like the amount of natural light coming in to the space, and the amenities local to the office, which are both key to your work force’s happiness, which is inextricably linked to their output. Knowing what your staff want, and showing them that you are aware of their situation will also help office relations.

Even if you are moving in to a smaller space, the move is a good time to make your new property feel like an upgrade. Getting rid of excess furniture and maximizing space by using clever storage options is a great way to make a small area feel luxurious, and simple things like painting can make a room feel bright and fresh. try to avoid solid carpeting, and if you can’t then chose a color that won’t become grubby, or feel too impersonal and business like. the use of potted plants will make the space feel fresh and alive, whilst also breaking up the block colors of the walls and floors.

When you are moving office the reinvention of your work space means that you will need to chose your movers carefully, and prepare even more so, as ultimately the end result that you need is an efficient move, with as little regrouping time as possible in order to get your business functioning as quickly as possible. If you are getting rid of office furniture you may need storage, find a mover who can get this sorted for you, or even a team that can get rid of such items. There are a great many services in the country who will offer to buy your used office furniture off of you as well, so don’t consign it straight to the tip!

Make your move a positive event for your business, do not let the stresses and strains overwhelm you unnecessarily by planning ahead and using your time wisely. the upheaval may well be a pain and a boring process for most involved, but if treated correctly, the end result can be a very useful change in direction.

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