When moving to a new place, a house or a building, it is not strange that people would want to get to know their new next doors. But there are a hundred things to think of and there is not always time to socialize. At least that may not be the top priority when you have moved into a new home and district and you are buried in boxes. Maybe you would like to meet your new neighbors but have too much to think about and after a few days you feel that it is too late for an introduction. Fear not. Here are some tips on how you can get to know your new neighbors and maybe even make friends for life.

There will be curious eyes dropping by during the time you move in, so make that a great possibility to say hi. Another tip is to spend about fifteen minutes to take the kids and go around the block with some cookies and say a quick but warm hello. Make sure you choose your timing though, to disturb someone during dinner or breakfast or ring the bell and wake up one’s baby is not a very good way of starting off plus it will be embarrassing for you. So choose some time during the afternoon or early noon. Then they haven’t started dinner yet or are probably home with the kids. This door knocking greeting is without a doubt the easiest way to quickly introduce you. During this brief visit you obviously get to see the person living there, see if they have kids, are in the same age, or if they seem to obtain a special interest such as gardening. Even if you aren’t that interested in flowers, it is a good way to make conversation, to look at the other’s interests. Believe me, it is worth it. After the ice is broken, the rest is easy; help someone with their heavy lifting, invite kids for a play date, say hello while walking by.

Then when you are warmer in your socks and feel more unpacked, maybe it is time for a house warming party. I know, it may sound like a lot of planning but it doesn’t have to be. All your friends and family are probably expecting it from you anyway, so why not invite your new neighbors as well? It doesn’t have to be a three dishes menu with ice sculptures and your finest champagne. Maybe a small BBQ or a canape treat. This is a good way to let them know that you door is open and so are you. This will give you a chance to speak to your newly made friends more than those few words you changed during the introduction. Also this is a chance for them to see who you are. Maybe all of them won’t drop by but the nice gesture will probably come back to you in a nice way in the future.

After the house warming you have probably learned to know most of your neighborhood and maybe even built some ties with a few people. If you feel like you would like to play a bigger role in the community, there is also here an easy way. You can either volunteer in a local organization that might work on something that interests you or join the local community.

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