Camden town is truly a town for the creative minded. It’s a centre of alternative music, with the Electric Ballroom doubling as a performance venue for rock musicians, and as an indoor marketplace, offering various styles of music related fashion. If you have the ear for some rock and roll, both traditional and not, then this is the place for you. On that note, here are my top tips to make your moving experience never miss a beat.


Making a solid moving plan is the best place to start. You don’t need exact times or anything, just make a note of where and when you’re going to pack everything. This way, you can decide which rooms can stay mostly intact until the morning of the move, such as the kitchen. If you know exactly what you need to do, there’s no reason to forget anything.

On that note, make sure you pack everything properly too. Use good quality packing boxes and materials, and label everything by room or by purpose. Don’t skimp on the bubble wrap when packing your valuables, either.

If you’re driving a long distance, it’s a good idea to plan the journey out too. Go onto Google Maps if you don’t have a satellite navigation system and print off the directions. This means you won’t get lost, so the move doesn’t have to be more stressful than it needs to be.


Once the movers roll up, make sure everything is loaded properly. If you’re using professional movers, they should be well trained in the handling of boxed goods, but if you’re doing it yourself there’s a few things to consider. The heavier items should be loaded first, and make sure everything is tied securely in place either to the floor of the van by elastic, or to a secure storage rack.

Make sure you pack for the journey too, take moving blankets for the longer journeys, especially during the winter months, and take a packed lunch and some snacks to keep the pangs of hunger away, and to keep the kids quiet for a few minutes. Keep your moving documents close, too, just in case you need to produce them.

When unpacking, you usually don’t do the whole house in one sitting, because it’s usually unnecessary. With that in mind however, you should put some thought into what items get unpacked first. This usually comes down to what time of day it is, and general fatigue. Do you unpack the kitchen first to make a family meal, or do you unpack the beds so you and your family can get some rest? It’s worth thinking about.


When you arrive, in order to make your house a home, throw the windows open and let the fresh air cleanse the place, make it feel like a new home, this helps with the settling process. Then, you can start decorating the place and really make the house your own.

It might be worth getting to know your surroundings, too. You know, go and meet the neighbours and others in your community, so and check where  your conveniences and entertainment hotspots are, those sorts of things.


And finally, keeping a cool head is a necessity. By doing so, every step of the process will be a snap. We’re all familiar with the stress that moving house causes, but letting any of it get to you will result in mistakes during the move, and as a consequence will lead to more stress, and so on.

You can help keep your focus by keeping all of the positive aspects of the move in mind, such as the fact that with a new home, comes new possibilities. Like with new people to meet, a different community to be involved in, and different ways to enjoy life. Stay cheerful, and your move will be rock solid.

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