Believe it or not, constantly moving home can have a major influence on a person. Most of the time, a person doesn’t want to be methodically moving year after year, if a home or apartment is being rented it can just be out of our hands. Finding a location where you can actually just settle down is not always as easy as it seems for some but it is definitely necessary due to the negative psychological impacts moving often has on humans.

Depression and Anxiety:
It may not be noticed by the one who depression actually affects and the source may not be immediately known but it is a fact that moving constantly can lead to depression and anxiety. The reason is that humans on an unconscious level seek stability and guarantees in things, especially something as important as a roof over their head, when this basic need is not for sure it has an effect on the individual. By constantly packing up and going to a new place it forms a habitual action, while deep down inside repeating this habit becomes toxic to the natural instincts of a person, which is to have security.

Fear of Commitment:
Constantly moving home will also lead a person to develop a fear of commitment as well, as they never have a chance to connect before they move again. People are social creatures and developing relationships and then leaving them over and over again, will develop the thinking that there is no reason to connect or open up because, they will soon be lost like so many others before. That is the problem with things that are done in repetition they become routine and soon enough, it just seems normal.

Lack of Confidence:
A lack of confidence is also a byproduct of repetition. The first time something happens, it is called a fluke, the second a coincidence, the third a problem, the fourth a way of life. This lack of confidence can show itself in many ways. It can show in a lack of confidence of yourself or your efforts or it can show up as a lack of confidence in others. It may just become hard to trust others as the same thing happens every time. Having a lack of confidence in one’s self can be very disruptive to life and take away from the power we have as human beings.

All of these effects can manifest their way into a person’s everyday life without them even knowing it but it will be noticed by others. Seeing it through one’s owns eyes is much more difficult. Try to maintain stability in one place and a difference can be noticed in the way one feels. If moving often is something that has been experienced and still occurs, take a look at how it has affected everyday life, at work, at home and in personal relationships. It is likely that when it is thought about, one can identify how it has affected decisions made or influenced judgments in one way or another.

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