Hiring a removal van and professional help for your WC2 home move is always going to be considered a good idea. Not only is there a physical burden lifted off of your shoulders over the actual moving day, it can also relieve the stress surrounding the days leading up to and after a move. Hiring a WC2 man and van service offers a cheap and convenient alternative to a WC2 removal company whilst still maintaining a professionalism and level of experience you would be unable to replicate by yourself. However, this doesn’t mean that all of the work can and should be played on their shoulders. You should get to packing well before the removal van arrives for a wide number of reasons, many of which are listed below.

Firstly, packing up some of your items before the moving van arrives establishes a certain precedence for the relationship. For today, you and your moving company or man and van service are a team. You packing up your items before the moving team arrives shows that you are willing to work together to make the move as smooth as possible. Though a removal company or man and van will obviously be there to cater to your needs and to assist you, it is likely that they will be much more willing to help you and go the extra mile if you show that you are willing to work towards a successful move too.

You also have to consider the fact that it may well be cheaper to do this, too. Many man and van companies especially seem to charge by the hour, and if you spend half of the moving day packing your items then you are likely to see a huge increase in potential cost than if you were to pack alone. Some removal companies also charge by the hour, so be careful when booking. Moving house can be a huge expense, not only with the cost of the house and mortgage but with legal fees and estate agents fees, as well as deposits and front payments if you are renting. This makes it massively important to try and save money at every opportunity, and packing by yourself may well be one of those opportunities.

Beyond all of this, if you leave all of the packing to the day of the move, you are likely going to run short of time. This could be problematic in a number of areas. Firstly, if it is getting late in the working day and you are running short on time, you may then be rushed to unpack the van quickly. This could mean that some of the more fragile or awkward items you own don’t receive the attention they need and could result in damage to your possessions, which can quickly ruin the excited feeling a moving day gives you. It also may mean the packing process is rushed in an effort to get away and into your new home, meaning that items are at risk of being poorly packed or not packed how you would want them specified.

The packing process should also be your own. You know what you want to access first and foremost, as well as what can be left for the immediate future. You also know best what you want out of the packing experience, is could be fragile and awkward goods you want to take care of or a certain code that enables you to know what is in each box easily. None of this would be achievable without some foresight and planning, which probably won’t happen when you’re caught up in the excitement of moving day.

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