It is truly never too early to start considering what you need to achieve before your move. Many people will think that a two month period is plenty of time to act and still have the move go as smoothly as is possible, and place the move ‘on the backburner’, mentally speaking. However, with such a complicated process and a volatile market, it is absolutely vital that a number of different things are considered well in advance of your actual E2 house relocation. Below is a list of all the things you will want to have considered two months before your E2 move.

- It is important to think about the actual moving day and how you plan on getting your possessions from you old house to your new house. If you plan on using a removal company, then you will want to call well in advance (perhaps six or more weeks before) to make sure you are able to get the service you want on your moving day, as E2 removal companies can be fully booked up well in advance. If you aren’t looking at using a removal company, then it is never too early to consider the local Bethnal Green man and van services or contacting friends and family to see if they can assist you, and make sure you are not going to be tackling the big day by yourself.

- It is also vitally important that you consider and start comparing quotes, of all the services you may well want to use during your move. This could include removal companies and man and van services, but also extend to packing services, packaging material suppliers and self storage lockers. This is important for a number of reasons. Initially, as stated before, some services may well be booked up well in advance. However, it is also important to try and create an estimated budget of what you want to spend on your move so you are clear with your finances and this is an important part of that process. Also, some services will inevitably cost more if hired on a shorter notice period – and being rushed into a decision sometimes means you are not going to receive the best possible deal.

- You should also consider how and when you will start packing. Though this seems early, there are a number of things in everyone’s house that isn’t touched for months. I’ve certainly lived in houses where entire rooms go unused for long periods of time such as dining rooms, spare bedrooms, home gyms etc. If this is the case, why not remove some of the stress and pack up these items earlier rather than later. Though you shouldn’t inconvenience yourself, after all the move is still over 2 months away, it might take some of the stress out of the days closer to the move. Also, even if this isn’t achievable, thinking about how you will need to approach the packing process is important.

Some items may prove difficult to protect or carry on short notice, so thinking of solutions to this early is important. Also, thinking about what to pack first and what last is important, too.

- Perhaps you should start thinking about informing all the various companies you receive mail from that you are forwarding address. This gives the company plenty of time to act to change their information on you, and reduces the chance of you missing any mail that comes to your old house. This includes companies who you regularly pay bills to, but also catalogue companies and delivery addresses. Doing this early takes one thing off of the to do list well before the actual Bethnal Green move.

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