Children are notoriously fussy, and if you have a child who is particularly concerned by their interior decorating then you may have a serious job on your hands! Kid’s rooms in Barnes vary widely as widely as rooms throughout the capital, as do the sizes of houses, and the rooms within them. What does not vary however, is the importance of your child’s happiness in their own space, whether it big or small, or whether they be girl or boy!

While the obvious move is to decorate simply, effectively, and above all, cheaply, there can be more to a child’s room than the colour on the walls, and your little ones may not go by the stereotypes of old, Blue is no longer just for boys!

Wall paper is a good way to start your child off with a recognizable personal space, as it comes in many patterns, colours and themes. You could have pink and blue candy stripes for a girl who loves jack Wills, or even team themed wall paper for a sports mad child! Something to keep in mind when going for overtly themed furnishings of course, is how long your son or daughter will be keen on the theme in question. If your Son is likely to change his mind about Liverpool football club over the course of the season, or your Daughter has only recently decided that she adores horses, then you may find yourself in a tricky situation, not least having to re decorate sooner than you thought!

If you think that your child may be of a fickle disposition when it comes to their passions at a young age, then opt for a safe choice in decor, but make sure it’s warm and homely as well as neutral. Pale colours will often be the best bet as they aren’t too loud in their effects, but a darker colour can change the mood of a room in a good way, especially if you’re worried about dirty hand prints on the walls!

Should your Son or Daughter be extremely fond of a certain thing and you feel that they need a treat, then wall paper isn’t the only way to make their room adhere to their passion. Beds can be bought in the shape of racing cars for the kid with a need for speed, even when they are asleep, and just about every type of furniture can be bought in a disney princess colour scheme, should that be your daughter’s true love! One cheap and fun way to make bed time a treat is to make your own headboard. Making sure that your child sleeps on a divan bed in the first place, just buy a large piece of MDF or ply wood, and draw on a design from your child’s favourite cartoon character. You can either have a right laugh painting the colours on together, and if you can spare the time and money, have the top of the head board cut out to fit the design. Either take it to a timber merchant, or rent a jigsaw for a couple of hours if you think you have the skills!

No matter what your child is into, safety and tidiness go hand in hand. You must make sure all plugs are covered and flexes are undamaged. Provide plenty of storage so that your children can have their favourite things around them at all times, but won’t be prone to leaving them all over the floor and causing any unfortunate accidents, whether sore feet, or paint all over the walls!

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