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moving companies londonKeep on moving … When you’re moving house or office, it may be tempting to try the do-it-yourself option. But hiring a professional, well-regarded removal service will make your life so much easier … and may not be as expensive as you think.

Why bother? Surely it’s simpler and cheaper to just hire a van and do it yourself? In reality, it can prove to be neither. Consider what it actually
involves: You have to buy all the packaging – boxes, bubble wrap, tape … you have to pack everything yourself… you then have to lift it all both in and out of the van… you’ll be paying sky-high prices for van or lorry hire… unless you have an HGV licence, you can’t drive anything over 7.5 tonnes… and even if you hire something just under that size, it’s very difficult to drive, especially fully laden. You may need to do several trips to transport the contents of your house, which – for a long-distance move – is simply not practical.

Let the experts at London Removals help.
We’ve heard real-life horror stories of wheels falling off in the rain, vans breaking down in the night or accidents caused because people are simply not used to driving such big vehicles. And when you’ve got all your possessions in the back, more than your pride could be hurt. You could, of course, borrow a vehicle from a friend. But you’ll still have to pay out for the insurance and the fuel and a friendship could be ruined if something DID go wrong. Don’t forget: you’ll need to arrange additional insurance coverage for the contents of the van you use for your removals – which is going to contain your life’s valuables. Think about taking out the same amount of insurance as you would for your house contents usually.

So, while it may seem like a cheaper option, in the long term it could work out far more costly than hiring a good removals service such as London Removals.

Then, there is the physical work involved. It’s no mean feat to lift and carry everything from your home: including fridges, boxes of books, beds and sofas both into a removals van and then out again at the other end. You could, of course, rope in your friends and family, but what if someone were to get injured? Without proper lifting training you could be looking at slipped discs. Again, liability insurance might be an idea. When you watch the professional movers at work you’ll be amazed at how they manage to negotiate angles … at the bottom of stairs, through narrow doorways … without damaging the paintwork. It’s not unheard of for those who haven’t had the experience day in and day out to get themselves and their beds or tables well and truly stuck! Nothing ruins a moving day more than having to smash a window or carving chunks out of your lovely walls in order to get a large sofa out.

Moving day can be stressful enough without all of this going on. One idea of course is to pack everything up the night before, leaving the day of the actual removal free for all the details and the cleaning … it’s amazing what dust (and more) you will find once the furniture is out! While it’s a good idea to pack beforehand, don’t forget security. Parking a large van in your drive or on the street and packing it all day long is a bit of a dead giveaway to opportunistic thieves. More than one buyer has come down in the morning to find the van, their worldly goods – or both – gone!

A reputable and established removal firm like London Removals can take away all of these worries.

As with everything in life, it’s all about choosing the right people to work with. Whilst it’s quick and easy to just pick a national name you’ve heard of, a bit of research now could save you not only many pounds, but also make for a much more pleasant experience. Use the Internet, the Yellow Pages and – perhaps most importantly – personal recommendations and client testimonials to find the company that is right for you.

To find the right removals firm, ask yourself the following questions: Do you want the comfort of a national name, or are you happier with a smaller, local, but respected removals service?

relocation services ukWill the removals company you choose treat you as an individual, or will you simply be another “job” to fit into their schedule and standard removals packages?
Does the company cater for your type of move – whether within your city, or a nationwide move, or removals abroad? Are you clear on EXACTLY what you will be charged and what it will include? (don’t forget VAT and look out for hidden extras!)
Will the company provide help and advice, packing materials and even a packing service, should you require it?
If you’re move out is going to be more than just a couple of hours before your move into your new home or premises, do they offer secure storage (and how much will it be?)

Do you feel comfortable and happy with those you are dealing with?
If it’s important to you, do you have one contact name that you can call on 020 8746 4339, or are you constantly being redirected through call centres?
How much notice do they require and can they actually do your moving date?
Is there a minimum hire time?
Can they provide references from happy customers?
Don’t forget: YOU are the customer and there is plenty of choice of removal services for local, national and international house relocations. Small companies have lower overheads and a good one will pass on these savings to you. London Removals are expert house movers that charge from £40 per hour, but using a large national removals firm may involve a package costing in the thousands.
Take your time, choose the right removals company and your house move could be a far more relaxed and cheaper business than you might think.

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