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van with man bromptonIn these busy, turbulent times moving can be something of a difficult endeavor considering how everything has to be done quickly and without a hitch. For a removal assessment and packing materials within Brompton and the heavy lifting involved, give us a call at 020 3397 1285 and we will give you a hand. Using our removal vans and professional equipment and our highly punctual and attentive teams we can make this much easier for you, all at a low and affordable price, which will make all the difference in this economy. You’ll enjoy a hassle-free move and everything will be neatly packed and carefully taken to its new destination within Brompton.

Kensington Borough’s district of Brompton is a centre of art and has been home to many writers, artists and sculptors throughout time. The Church of the Immaculate Heart of Mary is a beautiful Roman Catholic church built in the Italian Renaissance style, finished in1884, which has an awe-inspiring oratory, one of only a few in Britain. It also houses the London Oratory Choir which are definitely worth listening to during mass, as it holds a long tradition which keeps inspiring new members to join the Junior choir. Another interesting location within the district is Brompton Cemetery, one of the oldest and most beautiful garden cemeteries within Britain which holds many notorious internments like Emmeline Pankhurst, one of the women’s rights activists of the early 20th century, as well as many artists and musicians. One of them was the Sioux chief Long Wolf, who traveled the world as a part of Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show, but his remains were returned to his people back in 1997.

The Victoria and Albert Museum is a famous historical site worth visiting as well, situated close to Brompton itself. A mid-19th century museum featuring different expositions ranging from ceramics and the world’s largest collection of post-classical sculptures. It also has items from Asia and the Islamic world as well. Its building is marvelous, though it suffered minor damage from bombing during WWII when its gorgeous Victorian stained glass was destroyed by the shock waves and shrapnel of bombs which fell nearby.

sw10 house moversAnother museum worth visiting is the Natural History Museum, comprising more than 70 million items! Within five main collections ranging from Botany to Zoology it houses specimens of great scientific and historical value, like those collected by Charles Darwin himself and a multitude of books, manuscripts, artwork and even journals in their extensive archives, which are a true bounty of data. The most famous of the exhibits is a replica of a diplodocus dinosaur affectionately named “Dippy” by the staff.

If you’re considering moving into the Brompton Area make sure you plan things right in order to have an easy move without the headaches of doing it by yourself. Give us a call on 020 3397 1285 and the professional staff of will take care of all the problems of moving for you. You can get a free quote at any time on our website of by calling our hotline so you can get a more accurate assessment of your removal needs. We can pack your items and your furniture and take care of it all in a timely, orderly fashion. Of course it is logical to assume you will need space for one of our moving vans in front of your new home, so don’t forget to reserve a parking spot right in front if possible, to make the transition easier and faster for both the team and yourself. This can be achieved easily by consulting the borough’s website and its information on this subject here.

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