The process of removing furniture and belongings from a house can be tedious, stressful and costly. It’s the first main part of a big relocation and you need to make sure that everything is safely packed, nothing is left behind and the items are transported undamaged. While there are notable plus sides to dealing with the removal yourself – the most obvious one being the significantly lower price – sometimes professional help is simply unavoidable.

The number one benefit is obviously the fact that, if you choose to hire a removal company, that will save you a lot of problems and worries along the road. This is only true, however, if the movers are experienced and have a good reputation, so ask around before settling on any one company.
Using the help of a moving company is best used only on things like furniture, appliances, and electronics – do not expect the movers to deal with personal belongings or anything of the sort. Do take care to pack these in advance, one or three days before the moving van is scheduled to arrive. Only leave the things you’re going to need up until the last minute. This saves you from a last minute panic and it saves the movers from stumbling across personal belongings.

Do talk to the people doing the removal about anything that needs to be taken apart, handled with extreme care or any other special requirements that you may have. However, always be respectful, polite and kind – firstly, because it is the right thing to do, and secondly, you never want to get on the bad side of the guy, moving your TV. These are experienced professionals and it is best to treat them like that.

This is, of course, the main benefit to hiring a company to handle the removals. While you may want to ask friends to deal with the removals for free, remember that they have little to no experience (and will not offer you insurance). The employees of the moving company, on the other hand, have done this enough times for the process to become almost automatic. Even so, should anything happen to your belongings, you will be entitled to file a claim with the company and get the worth of the damage paid out.

Best of all, hiring a moving company will mean that you get to enjoy a stress-free move. You will have the time and energy to inspect your old home and your new one, and to plan the unpacking process. The movers will usually be instructed to be as unnoticeable as possible. However, the last thing you should make sure you do before settling into your new location, is to tip the employees, if you deem that they have provided a good service. After all, moving is a service like any other and it can be done well, or it can be done poorly.

To summarize, hiring a company to deal with the removals from an old location might be costly (in comparison to doing it yourself), but it saves a lot of time, energy, hassle and stress. If you choose this option, you should always research the company you intend to hire beforehand. You should also give detailed instructions and supervise the process, while still treating the workers with the respect they deserve. By following these steps, anyone can ensure a pleasant, efficient and easy move.

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