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LondonRemovals.org.uk offers a full suite of removal services, from storage solutions to home assessments, from packing services to transport. We even have a man and van service for those who need just a little help. But don’t rush into hiring a removal company Central London just because the offer sounds good. Take your time to do a bit of research online, see what other customers have to say about the company, compare prices and get a feel for what you will need. Then, you will be equipped with enough information to make a good decision, not a hasty one. Of course, not everyone has the luxury of time to spend researching a removal company. Sometimes, a move needs to be completed as soon as possible. If this is the case, remember just one phone number – ours! Call us on 020 8746 4339 to get the quickest team and the most professional movers sent to your home within as little as one day.

When you take into consideration all that your moving company will be doing for you, it’s worth finding the right one for you. Call us today to discuss your removal with an adviser and to get a free quote. Then judge for yourself if you are looking for the best company in the business, or if you prefer some other firm. Our customer service reps are standing by, ready to take your call and answer your questions.

Have you ever tried to define something that doesn’t have an exact definition? Or have you ever given directions to someone to a destination that doesn’t have defined boundaries? Central London is a bit like that; it’s a region in the centre of Greater London that has no geographic boundaries, such as streets, but it is clear that it is the most happening part of the city and the home to many of the capital’s most important institutions and businesses. Central London, like the centre of any capital city, is the home to the country’s Government. But it is also where you will find many of the city’s most famous tourist destinations and cultural areas of interest.

But where, exactly, is Central London? According to the London Plan, until 2008 Central London was a sub region that included a number of London boroughs and was clearly defined. In 2008, however, the sub regions were redrawn and Central London as a sub region ceased to exist. If someone is giving you directions, though, and tells you that your destination is in Central London, it is pretty clear that he or she is referring to the city centre. Since the central-most point in London is at Charing Cross, Central London is the area radiating away from the statue of King Charles I that is located at the junction of the Strand, Whitehall and Cockspur Street. This spot lies just to the south of Trafalgar Square and is often used as a reference point for locations in and around Greater London.

Central London is not bounded by any streets in particular, but according to the Royal Commission, it is a very important part of the city. It is where people from all over England and the world come to see some of history’s most important places. Parliament and the Royal Palaces are found in Central London, as well as the headquarters of Government. The country’s Law Courts and the most important businesses are also located in the city centre. These important buildings, combined with places such as the Tate Gallery, the National Gallery, the University of London and the British Museum, make Central London one of the city’s most important areas. Cultural institutions such as these, as well as the national ballet and the national opera, plus plenty of shopping, theatre, dining and entertainment are all for the taking in Central London.

The London Plan designates five sub regions and 35 major centres as well as 11 metropolitan centres. But though Central London is no longer a sub region according to the plan, there is a central activities zone that comprises Westminster, the City of London, and the innermost areas of a number of boroughs, such as Camden, Tower Hamlets, Hackney, Islington, Kensington and Chelsea, Southwark and Lambeth. Central London certainly lies within Inner London, which includes all of the above boroughs plus Hammersmith and Fulham, Greenwich, Wandsworth and Westminster. All the way back in 1901, Central London included Bethnal Green, Finsbury Park, Shoreditch, Holborn, St. Marylebone, Bermondsey, Stepney and Westminster. As you can see, the definition has changed significantly during the past century as the capital city has grown to become Greater London.

Much of Central London is where the city’s rich and famous live, though many celebrities seek out quieter neighbourhoods further from the action. Because the properties in Central London are so, well, central, they command pretty high prices compared to some other parts of London. You certainly won’t find any budget housing in this area, but that doesn’t mean that it is inaccessible. Even if you don’t live in Central London, it is an important part of the city and might be where you work, or at least a place that you visit from time to time.

Every home removal requires a slightly different combination of services, time and effort. Think, for example, about the type of furniture you have. If you have invested in heavy oak furniture or antique pieces, you will probably not be able to do the move on your own. You will also likely need more than just a man and van service Central London. But if you have a small home with not much furniture, you might not need a full-size lorry and an entire crew. Let us know what your removal needs are and we will tailor a custom package of services to suit those needs, making sure that your removal happens quickly and affordably. Call today on 020 8746 4339 to get started!

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