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Making a change is usually a pleasant thing to do. But when a person has many things to plan, it can turn into an unpleasant duty and might make them think was it really necessary. And if they have small children, it will automatically double the stress of packing...more

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quote Thanks to Moving Firm for the exceptional house moving service. The team covered everything and it made for a hassle-free experience.

  • Ruby S.
  • 14Dec 2018

quote I have never really moved before so I knew my inexperience would be a problem. I didn't know how to pack things, how best to move furniture and I didn't have access to a suitable vehicle. My home removal still went great though despite this because I had the help of Movers. Their team did all the work for me and did it quickly. My relocation was completed without any hassle. They can make any move easy.

  • Doreen K.
  • 22Mar 2016

quote I didn't know where to begin with my move. I wasn't sure what type of packing to use or where to get it. This changed when I called up Movers UK. I not just got the advice I needed and the materials I sought, I also had a top team to help me. They ensured I got everything properly packed for my removals and guaranteed that the process went smoothly. 10/10.

  • Jennifer Tate
  • 16Nov 2015

quote When I decided to move, I instantly knew I would need professional removals services too. LondonRemovals was the first company I stumbled upon and I called them for a quote. I was surprised to find out that they asked much less than I had expected. But even more than that, I was surprised at the great and attentive service they provided me with. Kudos from Harry, guys! Great job!

  • Harry M.
  • 29Jan 2015

quote Having won an impulse buy at a local auction of something that wouldn't fit in my car, I decided to use this company rather than the expensive, in my view, transport services offered to me by the auction house. I'm glad I did because this company did an excellent job getting what was a fairly large quite bulky item (large garden ornament) not only to my front door but through the house to the back garden. I did save money as well as I had expected. I now know if I buy again like this I can use LondonRemovals which is good to know.

  • Alex
  • 13Aug 2014

quote I'm a student and I needed a removal company who could help me move from one rented house into another. My parents don't drive and with all of the furniture that I own, hiring a domestic removal service was the only choice for me. I thought I'd struggle to find a company that offered prices within my budget, and some people had even told me to be wary of being taken advantage of when it came to pricing. This company, however, were really lovely, with friendly movers offering me lots of help. I found the price to be really reasonable for the service and definitely cheaper than a lot of others I'd looked at!

  • Pippa Holloway
  • 25Jul 2014

quote I am very pleased with how well LondonRemovals dealt with our recent office removal. They were extremely competent and professional, and the removal was carried out with grace and precision, which was perfect for the needs of the company. The service was of extremely good value, and we were delighted to have the staff around, as they were very good to deal with. A wonderful bit of work from the team, and a successful move for our business, thank you ever so much!

  • Elizabeth Allen
  • 16Jul 2014

quote I have no time for tradesmen who turn up to my house to ‘Umm' and ‘Ah' over the smallest details of whatever I need them to do. I was lucky then to have found LondonRemovals for my domestic removal last week. They got straight down to the tough stuff, ensuring that nothing was left wanting throughout the removal, and we had a very successful time of it all, which made for an easy going move, and no hitches whatsoever! A great job done by a great team, I recommend them very highly.

  • Jesse H.
  • 07Jul 2014

quote Although I've only used this firm twice, they have designated my own moving team. That's what I love about these guys - the personalised and very friendly aspect of everything they do. Both of my experiences of them were first class, and I wouldn't hesitate to recommend them. They really do take all the stress out of the moving process! Stacks of unwieldy boxes are not a challenge for them - neither is moving furniture down winding flights stairs! Efficiency and great prices are the order of the day with these folks! Deffo a strong recommendation for LondonRemovals!

  • Alan Rooster
  • 11Jun 2014

quote Thank you so much to LondonRemovals for helping me out at such short notice, last weekend. I needed some large items of collecting immediately otherwise I would have lost out on an amazing deal. I was so desperate to collect these items and this company helped me out even though I called them the day before and wasn't expecting to get this kind of service, they said because Its only a short hop and drop they can fit me into their daily schedule without much problem or disruption at all, whereas other companies where saying it was far too short notice to be able to help. Thanks again!

  • Claire
  • 02Jun 2014

quote LondonRemovals were a joy to deal with - they gave us a costing projection early, and even negotiated on price a little. That's always welcome! They also always sought our consent and agreement before extra charges were added to the bill (we ended up needing more services and help than was originally discussed). Once the cargo was en-route, the drivers kept in touch and kept us up to date at all times - as we weren't moving with the items, this gave us peace of mind. They also delivered the move slightly under budget which was lovely. Great moving company!

  • Kim Gordon
  • 21May 2014

quote We all understand the stress that comes with moving. Imagine if you took away that stress. Imagine how divine that would be. Well, actually, that can be a reality for you. as it was for me. I hired a company known as LondonRemovals and they turned my move right round for me and made it so simple and laid back. I couldn't quite believe it. You can tell they are a well known and popular and professional removal company. They are well respected and you can see why - they are the best indeed.

  • Rachel Brown
  • 13May 2014

quote Given that the removals game is not something that I am very well versed in, it was great to find that I could use a company who really had it down solid. LondonRemovals really were a fantastic company to have on our side during the removal, and I was extremely impressed as to how well they dealt with all sorts of things, from tight corners, to narrow driveways - nothing seemed to faze them! The service was amazing, and the price was pretty good as well, which is rare nowadays I think. I would recommend them to anyone!

  • Marta Long
  • 08May 2014

quote Wanted to stop by and make sure that everyone else knew just how helpful LondonRemovals were to me and my move. Their services made all the difference when it came to moving home. Their ability to come on board to move and make sure that everything was simply and easily covered was extraordinary and I was constantly impressed at their abilities to make sure that they always had a way of tackling any problem which arose. If you're looking to move home, there's only one company I would recommend calling if you are looking for the best possible help.

  • Jeffrey Simms
  • 29Apr 2014

quote If you are concerned that there is too much on your plate then you will want to be sure to get a great team to help with your removal. As a busy professional, I was a bit stumped by how I was going to get everything done well, without messing up other parts of my life! LondonRemovals made my life a hell of a lot easier, and I must recommend them to all reading this! The move went smoothly and extremely easily, and I did not have to sacrifice any of my work or social life to ensure that it went smoothly! Add this to a great value service, and you have an excellent deal!

  • Joel
  • 15Apr 2014

quote I needed to hire a removal company that I could trust, and I put a lot of effort into finding the right one for my needs. I have lots of heavy bits of furniture, including a few antique pieces, and I needed to find a company that would be able to handle these items without any damages happening. LondonRemovals were excellent on moving day, providing me and my belongings with a level of care that I really appreciated. Everything was moved efficiently and without hassle, and everything was treated with great respect. Nothing got broken and I was able to move without worries thanks to this great company!

  • Nick K.
  • 03Apr 2014

quote With 4 kids the house had just got too small so we really needed more space, but I was dreading the move. Over the years we had a lot of possessions to move and time was short as we were always busy. My sister told me of a company she had used before, and said how great they were. I called LondonRemovals and explained what I wanted, and they arranged a date to discuss the finer details and the cost. The quote was excellent and we were really pleased. From then on it simply went great. Dates were made to sort the packing, the loading and the delivery.

  • Mandy Moore
  • 27Mar 2014

quote If you've got something difficult to transport when moving home, then I can definitely suggest you do everything in your power to hire LondonRemovals. We had a couple of things which we were worried about getting damaged during the moving process, and we mentioned those during our initial conversations. It really seemed like the whole team knew what they were doing, however, so from the first moment on the telephone, we knew that everything would be ok. If moving home is a struggle for some, then they need to learn how much of a difference the right help can make.

  • Craig
  • 19Mar 2014

quote For those looking for help with their removals, I just wanted to drop by and throw my weight behind LondonRemovals as the best moving experience we've ever had. I'd been searching for the right firm to help us move ever since we knew were going to need to move home and they were the only company I spoke to which not only gave me a great price but also seemed to know exactly what they were talking about. It's that kind of professionalism which can make a really big difference and put us at ease throughout the entire process. If you need help with moving home, give them a call as soon as possible.

  • Peter T.
  • 05Mar 2014

quote I'd been searching for the right removal firm for ages and once I found LondonRemovals I knew I was in good hands. They did a lot not just to help me move but to make sure that I understood and was happy with everything along the way. With their help, I was able to watch all off the things that I own be carefully placed into a huge lorry and driven to my brand new home, which was really amazing. Now I just need to figure out how to make sure that I don't own quite as many useless things that need moving next time I give them a call.

  • Elizabeth Parker
  • 28Feb 2014

quote I swear I must keep the LondonRemovals man and van going by myself, but it's just such a versatile service and I keep finding a use for it! Over the past year it has provided an easy way to get storage runs done, pick up some second-hand furniture for my new apartment, and even move. The employees that come in the vans are always polite, hard-working and incredibly knowledgeable. What looks like a problem to me always seems to be a situation these guys have faced before, which makes getting all these little moving things done a whole lot easier!

  • Willoughby R.
  • 17Feb 2014

quote I've never seen a removals firm be quite as helpful as the guys at LondonRemovals. They really went the extra mile to make sure that my move went off without a hitch, taking care over all the little things. I think that was what made the real difference to me. I find the entire process of moving to be quite stressful, so it was only with their help that I can safely say that this was an easy move. They took care of more than just the lifting, and now I'm safe and sound in my new home. Great service.

  • Kenneth Gibbons
  • 06Feb 2014

quote I needed to change my moving date and ended up having to find another removals agency to help me relocate; so in desperation I phoned LondonRemovals who my sister had used. They agreed and had a late afternoon appointment available. On the day of the move they arrived an hour late due to their previous move being delayed by the clients. They were so sincere in their apology and I must say more than made up for it once they arrived. These guys did not stop for a second and in the end actually ended up completing my move well ahead of time! I cannot thank you enough for all the hard back breaking work that you both did without complaining.

  • Harrison
  • 31Jan 2014

quote Packing up my house was worrying me so much, I can't even explain how panicked I was whenever I thought about how I'd manage to box up my home. As a mother of three with a full-time job, packing for our house move just didn't seem like something I could possibly manage - there just aren't enough hours in the week! I asked LondonRemovals to give me some advice and they suggested I try their packing service. In no time at all I had experienced members of staff getting my home all packed up for me, and it was very quick and affordable as well! Thanks!

  • Katie
  • 26Jan 2014

quote I wanted to hire professional help for my house move because I knew it was just going to be too much for me to handle on my own. I didn't just have all of my belongings and furniture, but I also had the kids' stuff as well! I hired movers from LondonRemovals, and I couldn't have managed without their experienced help! The movers were really lovely and had everything loaded into the van and ready to go in no time at all. They also helped me with unloading and I was settled into my new place without worry! Thanks!

  • Leanne F.
  • 21Jan 2014

quote Essentially, a good removals company is hard to find. You either go for the big names and get charged for it, or you go with the newer ones, and worry about cowboys ripping you off. In LondonRemovals however, I found a company who are desperate to show off the fact that they have experience, great staff and low prices, which is all anyone really needs right? I had an easy and successful move with them, and I bet that anyone else would do so to. All you need is to pick up the phone!

  • Robert Foster
  • 08Jan 2014

quote Having had a few removals nightmares in the past, I was extremely pleased to find that my move with LondonRemovals went extremely well. The team were nice people to deal with, very hard working and efficient. The price was the reason I went with them in the first place; it was extremely low and I felt that I may have a problem with a slack company because of how low the cost was! Luckily it was not the case, and everything went extremely smoothly, so I can only thank the crew for all of their effort, and assure anyone reading this that they will have an easy time with this lot!

  • Daniel Bailey
  • 03Jan 2014

quote I hired LondonRemovals for a little extra assistance packing and unloading. I am a more do-it-yourself type of person, but I needed some help moving larger objects and furniture. The staff at LondonRemovals were reliable and accommodating and they were able to step right in where I left off. They wrapped my furniture and mattresses so they were not damaged during transport. The service was extremely affordable, and they didn't skimp on service. I would definitely recommend them if you are looking for customizable and high quality service at an affordable price. Thanks for the great service!

  • Jeremy
  • 28Dec 2013

quote I chose LondonRemovals to help me with my company move. I had a lot of arrangements to make and I was under time pressure to get the move completed. The staff at LondonRemovals were able to work with me to schedule and plan the move, so that I could make other office arrangements. They accommodated my busy schedule and worked at a time that was most convenient for me. Their team of professional moving experts gave me great advice and support throughout the move. If you are planning a larger move, I would definitely recommend them to take care of the job. Great work!

  • Claire P.
  • 23Dec 2013

quote I chose LondonRemovals for my office removal and was immediately impressed with their service. From the moment I called them to the final move in they were proactive and informative. They helped me plan a moving schedule that worked for my business and that didn't inconvenience my own routine. I was able to keep my business running throughout the and packing process to reduce the impact of business down time. They knew just how to pack and organize my belongings during the move so that they weren't damaged. I would definitely call them in the future, as they proved to be a reliable and professional moving service.

  • Samuel B.
  • 18Dec 2013

quote LondonRemovals really are fantastic! I was seriously impressed by how well they handled my recent move, form the planning stages right up to the unpacking of the van, they were attentive and friendly. The move went really well, with nothing broken, but the price was still pretty affordable, which is rare in such an industry! It is a shame that I'm so excited by the prospect of a good service for a fair price, but in the world we live in, it is actually quite a rare thing! I hope anyone reading this gets in touch with them for their next move!

  • S. Floyd
  • 05Dec 2013

quote No one likes moving house, and I should know, I have not stayed in the same flat for more than two years in the whole of my adult life! Given that I'm now 38, that's a lot of moving. LondonRemovals have been my guys for a few moves in the last couple of years, and I would like to let everyone know how great they are. Essentially, you get a friendly service, with a smile and a lot of fun. Nothing gets broken, because they are safe and sensible. Everyone leaves happy at the end of the day, me because my stuff is all where it needs to be, and them because I was happy to pay them their fee for such a good job.

  • Manie Barile
  • 30Nov 2013

quote We were so happy with the work that LondonRemovals did for us, we'd certainly use them again. The team of men that came to sort our boxes out were all very nice, and the children seemed to like them as well! We were keen that our move not be too stressful, so it was amazing to have a great team around us, ensuring that we weren't getting it all wrong! If you're looking for a decent removals company, and want a good service with a smile, then we would highly recommend them!

  • Willetta Fenske
  • 25Nov 2013

quote I hope that anyone looking for a reliable removals company will be able to take my advice and hire LondonRemovals for their move. It is a testament to how worthy they are of your service that I am even writing this, as I have never done a review of anything before, ever! In all honesty, they made my life a lot easier around the time of the move, when I would usually be panicking about all sorts of things. A top class company, very highly recommended! Well done team!

  • M. Gatlin
  • 14Nov 2013

quote I hope that anyone reading this will trust me when I say that LondonRemovals are hands down the best removals company that I have ever used. I have moved house a number of times in the last twenty years, and I have used various removals teams, but this lot are the best I have met. They are well equipped with the experience that you need to do a job well, and they do not skimp on advice and extra help. This lot go the extra mile to make you feel comfortable and to get the job done right.

  • Mike Davidson
  • 09Nov 2013

quote Essentially, a good removal needs to be efficient, safe and enjoyable. This tends to come from a company really knowing what they are doing and planning well, but also being polite and personable. I recently moved with LondonRemovals and they fulfilled these criteria excellently. The staff were hard working and well trained, which meant that the move went really smoothly and safely, with absolutely zero damage. The team were also very nice to talk to, and made sure that I knew what was going on at all times, which helped me feel relaxed about the whole thing as well. A great service!

  • Vernon Moore
  • 04Nov 2013

quote In reality, I knew that we needed a removals company, as our house is full of stuff, and I didn't have the time to clear it all out and pack everything up myself. The company that we chose was LondonRemovals and they understood our situation as soon as we explained what was going on. They offered extra services for packing and sorting things out, which we could not budget for, but we did in face have them take a load of stuff to storage for us, which would have been a massive hassle!

  • Anna Garvey
  • 30Oct 2013

quote Given that I'm not particularly well heeled in the ‘manly' department, I was really quite worried about how much of my time the removals process would take up. Of course I had planned everything, but in reality, you just don't know what kind of an ordeal it's all going to be until you're in the thick of it. In a way, having LondonRemovals onside from the outset meant that I was in the know from the offset, and had a decent idea about what was going on as soon as they come round, which made everything a lot clearer.

  • Martin Battersby
  • 25Oct 2013

quote Talking to the customer services team, I knew that I was on to a winner, and that's why I went with LondonRemovals for my removals. It was extremely easy to deal with them, and I felt like I was being well looked after at all times. The service was great, with much care and attention put in to ensuring that we were all accommodated for, and all questions answered easily, so we were never in the dark. I would happily recommend these removals people to anyone who needed a good job done for a great price.

  • T. Salcombe
  • 18Oct 2013

quote Having been stitched up by a previous mover who had decided that they were double booked rather too near to the date of my move, I was all flustered and in a panic. I was certain that no one would be able to do the move on such short notice, and was concerned by the resulting cost in doing the move in a different way. Luckily, LondonRemovals were on hand to ensure that I was moved in good hands on the day that I needed. The job was a good one, and I felt well looked after.

  • G. Barnes
  • 13Oct 2013

quote Moving out of London was quite a challenge for me but with LondonRemovals helping me out, it wasn't half as difficult as I expected. They planned everything very thoroughly and carried out the move according to a sensible and realistic timetable, getting my belongings and furniture moved in the right conditions. Fragile and expensive items like the flat screen television were safely wrapped up and manoeuvred carefully, and all my other belongings were packed up in boxes with bubble wrap and tissue paper to give them a bit of padding. All in all, a very successful move which was a great relief!

  • Tom W.
  • 08Oct 2013

quote I spent many hours looking for a reputable firm who would be able to carry out our move for a reasonable price. I went with LondonRemovals based on their excellent reviews, prices and services offered and we were not disappointed. Everybody who we met from the firm was lovely, pleased to work and very helpful. My husband and I were absolutely delighted by the results and would definitely recommend them to other people.

  • A. Robertson
  • 03Oct 2013

quote These guys were great! So so helpful from beginning to end. Not only did they help out with anything they could, they were also just really friendly and up for a chat, which to me is just as important as anything else. They were dead careful with all my band equipment (I get very concerned about keeping this safe as you can imagine!!!). But nothing was damaged at all, it was all kept in pristine condition. I would definitely recommend them to anybody, especially if you have anything valuable and you are concerned about keeping it safe. Thanks LondonRemovals!

  • Kirsty S.
  • 28Sep 2013

quote This was my first move so I haven't got much to compare it to other than the horror stories that all my friends had told me so I was pleasantly surprised with Movers London. I haven't really got a complaint at all because all the issues that I had been told to watch out just weren't there. Everything was quick, prompt and they were really polite from start to finish. I probably had contact with at least 10 of their employees and every single one of them was fantastic. I'll be using them again.

  • Claudia Stone
  • 23Sep 2013

quote Moving house doesn't have to be stressful and daunting when you move with Removal London. I couldn't believe how quickly they got moving on the organizing and packing process. They were able to pack everything in no time at all. All the staff members were friendly which really made the process go smoothly. I was able to talk with the move coordinator if I had any problems or questions during the move. I recommend them highly as I'm sure they can get any job done.

  • Tara Moss
  • 14Sep 2013

quote Thanks so much to London Mover who provided a great service on my home move recently. They discussed moving options with me beforehand so that when the process started, I knew exactly what was going to happen. We worked out a plan that accommodated by busy schedule. They were always on time and friendly, which made all the difference. They did exactly the job I expected from them and at an affordable price. I will surely call them for any moves I make in the future. Their prices are simply phenomenal and all their staff are professional and friendly. Thanks for making this task hassle free.

  • Jon
  • 09Sep 2013

quote My move with Movers London was stress free and affordable. I couldn't have chosen a better company to execute my home move with such short notice. They were able to get someone out the house immediately to start the planning and organizing and I was soon moved out. They provided customized service that saved money and time! I am confident that this company can take care of any moving task, no matter how large or small. They're definitely worth calling for your move!

  • Scott Barret
  • 04Sep 2013

quote Moving with London Mover came with no stress or hassles that I expected. I had a lot of belongings to move and pack and I was moving internationally, but London Mover really did a great job. They packed all my belongings quickly and safely so nothing was damaged. They really worked hard and I was impressed with how quickly the job was done. The staff are very professional and definitely know how to execute a home move. I would definitely recommend them for any or all aspects of your move.

  • Larry K
  • 30Aug 2013

quote I wanted to write this review as soon as I could because I wanted to give a big thank you to Movers London of everything they did for me. I was having serious doubts about my move but they dispelled all of them by giving me advice, information and services to take care of everything. Their staff worked hard and long for me, ensuring that no aspect of my move was overlooked. They took care of me and all of my belongings, with nothing being broken or lost. I want them to know I appreciate everything they have done for me.

  • Kimberly Yates
  • 22Aug 2013

quote Moving home was something I had never done before so I didn't know where to begin, what I needed and how to do things. I heard about Removal London and decided to call them to see if they could; assist me and they did more than I could hope for. They didn't bombard me with offers when I called but instead answered my questions and gave me the information I required. With their advice, services and support, I learned what I needed for my move and they made it better than I could have hoped.

  • Bert Robinson
  • 17Aug 2013

quote My work takes me all over the world and so sometimes I have to relocate my home to keep up with everything. It would be near impossible for me to pack and transport all my goods aboard, not to mention get all the paperwork done at the same time so I called Removal London for assistance. They were able to give me the support and services I needed so I was more confident to proceed and they took care of every aspect of the process. The next time I have to move, I will call them in a heartbeat.

  • Robin N.
  • 12Aug 2013

quote I had moved home on my own few years ago and it wasn't easy. I had to pack dozens of things, carry all the boxes and drive them to my new address myself. Wanting to avoid it for my latest move, I contacted Movers London. They were there for me every step of the way and had a team of movers handle everything. They packed, carried and transported all my things so I didn't have to. Within two days, I had left my old house and started a new life at a new address, thanks to their hard work.

  • R. Trask
  • 07Aug 2013

quote I had a strong desire to vole away from the area I currently live in for multiple reasons. That is why I wanted to make my move go as quickly and smoothly as possible. This was achieved thanks to the help of LondonRemovals. They sent their team around to take care of every part of the move by packing my goods, carrying them from the building and driving them to my new address. They have allowed me to start my life in a nicer place and owe them my gratitude.

  • Eric
  • 11Jul 2013

quote I hadn't any real experience in moving home so when it came for me to change my address I began to get worried. I felt it would be a disaster if I had to handle it myself so I quickly called Removal London. They kept me on the right path by showing me what to do and telling me what I needed to know. To top it all off they provided every service necessary so that no aspect of my move was left out. Soon I was enjoying my new home, without needing to put in hours of work and worry.

  • Lauren
  • 06Jul 2013

quote I was looking forward to my move for a long time so I was disappointed when I started to struggle with the moving process. I couldn't pack my things correctly and I could barely lift most of my furniture so I sought out help. I found with LondonRemovals and they and everything easy, I didn't need to do anything so I could relax while they got to work. I couldn't imagine what the move would have been like without them. Thanks!

  • Bonnie
  • 01Jul 2013

quote I would like to thank LondonRemovals for all the hard work they have done for me. Before I started my move, I didn't think I would be able to complete it on time so I decided to call them for help. They did more than I could have ever dreamed, answering the questions I had, giving me tips and more. Once I had agreed to the free quote they gave me, their movers were at my address and swiftly sorted my belongings and had them taken to my new home. I couldn't have done it without them.

  • Daniel Milton
  • 26Jun 2013

quote I could spend hours and hours watching the employees of Removal London do their work. The amount of care they work with is astonishing. I was further impressed with their incredible attention to detail. Each and every single one of my fragile items (I collect porcelain dolls and statues) no matter how small or large was lovingly wrapped up before being packed - I was so impressed! Nothing broke during the removal which shows that staff did their job properly, which is desirable to me as a client and doll collector.

  • Faye O.
  • 07Jun 2013

quote Reasonably priced services followed by the friendliest staff that I have ever come across. That is exactly what is offered by Movers London, which I hired last month to help me with my office removal. Office removals usually cost quite a bit, so I was slightly skeptical when I saw this company offering the same service as all other removal companies, but significantly cheaper. Turns out my scepticism was wrong, because Movers London were professional and perfect through and through.

  • Adrian M.
  • 02Jun 2013

quote The whole removal team was a credit to Removal London. They were clean, friendly and worked very hard and got the job done in time. I have used many removal companies previously, where I was not entirely happy with the speed at which workers were working, but the staff of this company were very conscious of the time and made sure that all targets were met, which made me very happy as a client. I could not ask for a better service so the only thing I can say is a great big thank you to everyone at Removal London.

  • Nabyl K.
  • 28May 2013

quote After having watched many television programs showcasing the downside of removal companies, I did not feel very good about knowing that my wife had hired a removal company to deal with our removal. But I have to say that London Mover is nothing like the removal companies shown on TV. They were genuine, highly trained people who handled my removal professionally and carefully. I was more than happy and will always use their services again, should I ever need to move again. London Mover all the way!

  • Taylor N.
  • 23May 2013

quote My husband and I invested in a holiday caravan and needed a few essential items moving. My brother told us about what a great job LondonRemovals did so we opted to give them a go. We called and explained the predicament and made the necessary arrangements. The day of moving went extremely well, the workers were friendly and hard working. They provided a skilled job from start to finish.

  • Tina Farrow
  • 18May 2013

quote I want to say a gigantic thank you to the whole team at Movers. The customer service was fantastic. I've never, in my life, came across such helpful customer service. Usually they don't know what on earth they are talking about. However, this customer service definitely knew what they were talking about. They gave me such useful information. I also loved the team of movers. They were so diligent and dependable. What would I have done without you?! I can't thank you enough. Well recommended.

  • Terry Jackson
  • 13May 2013

quote Movers London is a professional and affordable removals company that you can count on 100%. Over the years, I have used a number of removal companies and I hadn't found one that I could truly count on until one of my mates recommended Movers London. From the very first moment when I called up customer service, I knew this was the company for me. The ladies were polite and helpful, as were the team of movers. They were hardworking too and very careful with my items. I really couldn't be happier.

  • Andy Roberts
  • 08May 2013

quote From the moment I spoke with the administrative team from London Mover, I was instantly impressed by their phone manner and overall professionalism. Most of the time, customer service doesn't have a clue what they're talking about but the customer service from London Mover certainly does. And the team of movers was just as good as the customer service. The guys were diligent and efficient. And when I asked them if they wanted a break, they declined. This is an absolutely brilliant removals company that I highly recommend.

  • Trisha Goodman
  • 20Apr 2013

quote My husband and I want to say a huge thank you to all the staff at LondonRemovals for your efforts and endless support. Moving is usually a stressful chore that nobody enjoys doing, but thanks to you, our move went smoothly and there were no blips along the way either. We were really impressed with your service and would certainly hire you again for our future move. We've recommended you to all our friends and I'm sure they'll be just as impressed as we are with the service you provide. Thank you everyone.

  • Alison Higgins
  • 15Apr 2013

quote It was the initial communication with the customer service at Removal London that made me want to book with them. The lady I spoke to was kind and extremely helpful. She really knew what she was talking about and wasn't just giving out helpless information. You could quite clearly tell that she was good at her job. She guided me through all of the options and services and so on, and I instantly booked a date. She even gave me moving advice which came in handy when it came to moving day. I definitely recommend them.

  • Kristen Berk
  • 10Apr 2013

quote This was the first time I ever moved house. I was really nervous at first, but when the lady at customer service from LondonRemovals guided me through everything, it reassured me and my worries vanished. She was really helpful and offered me all the support I needed. As a first time mover, this was exactly what I needed. Anyway, from then on, all went smoothly and as planned. The team of movers was very respectful of my situation and I got on well with the guys from the team. They were down to earth and good at their job. Thanks so much!!!

  • Harold Dartman
  • 25Mar 2013

quote I want to thank all the guys from London Mover for transporting my possessions to my new flat in London. You were great and I want to tell you how much I appreciate the help and support you provided me with throughout the journey. And thanks again for helping me with the lifting. You made my move easy and smooth. Nothing got broken or stolen. Everything went brilliantly. I couldn't have asked for a better move. Thanks so much you lot!

  • Graham V.
  • 20Mar 2013

quote I'm a single mother of three and so when I moved house a month ago, I needed a removals company that would help me out with most of the moving process. Removal London offered planning, packing, storage and removals - at great prices. So I decided to book a date with them to plan, pack and move. I thought it would be really expensive for all that, but luckily it wasn't that bad. I was happy with the price. And I was even happier with the service. The team of movers was great with the kids and everything went really well.

  • Nadine Walker
  • 15Mar 2013

quote Because of my back pain, I struggle to lift things and that's what makes it hard when it comes to moving house - I literally can't move a thing without my back playing up. London Mover told me the removal team could do all the lifting for me. I didn't believe them at first, to be honest. I thought they were just trying to persuade me to book with them. But on moving day, I was really impressed by how helpful the guys were. They did all the lifting and I didn't have to lift a finger. It was great. I recommend them.

  • Keith B
  • 10Mar 2013

quote My girlfriend and I moved to our new apartment a few weeks ago with Movers London and we were both very impressed with their service. It was quite a long journey from one place to another and yet, they still managed to arrive on time. The removal team worked non-stop and was very careful with our fragile items. We asked if they'd like a cup of tea, but they said no. They just carried on doing their job until all was done. We were so happy and would definitely use them again. We were pleased with their prices too.

  • Vince Price
  • 05Mar 2013

quote Movers was the company that I chose to relocate my belongings to my new flat. As I am a student on a student budget, I was looking for the easiest and cheapest way to relocate without suffering the consequences of cheap moving services further down the line. I contacted this company and they acted quickly and efficiently. Within no time at all they had loaded my items on to their vehicle and transported them to their new destination. This company and their team gets my seal of approval for sure!

  • Jake E.
  • 26Feb 2013

quote If I was to move again this would be the company that I would choose. The staff were fantastic and the prices are all incredibly reasonable too. I was able to move without the stress and hard work that can sometimes come hand in hand with nasty removal services. This was a very pleasant and positive experience and I am lucky that I found the contact details of this company when I did. I was amazed at how great their prices were and their services were overall fantastic. Thank you guys and all the best to the team!

  • Kieran Sultan
  • 21Feb 2013

quote This is one company that I would definitely recommend. This is my third move ever and it is probably something to do with third time lucky - I'm not sure, but either way this company treated me very well and were able to undertake my relocation in no time at all. I explained to them that I work long hours and may not be able to meet their time requirements and may have to move at a more antisocial time however, this did not seem to matter to the staff at Movers London. I felt like this relocation was fit in to my life instead of me having to work around the removals company. Excellent job guys!

  • Michael Quinton
  • 13Feb 2013

quote It's not very often that you find a professional removals company that has in addition, a great team of helpful members of staff. Every member of staff who I dealt with was just lovely and so helpful, which of course made me feel a lot calmer. I hired LondonRemovals and to sum up, I got from them an affordable move at a realistic cost, efficient services and help whenever I needed it! Thank you all so so much!

  • Hannah Jones
  • 08Feb 2013

quote About six months ago I hired Removal London for a move. Some time ago I had a major hip operation which left me with a severe limp. It made me ever so nervous about moving. I thought I'd never find a removals company that would understand my situation. Fortunately, Removal London was really good about it and the removal team done all the lifting. To help me even more, they took the boxes to the right rooms which saved me a lot of time and discomfort. I really enjoyed working with them and I'm so glad I hired them.

  • Kim
  • 03Feb 2013

quote I've had awful experiences with removal companies that it made me not want to move again because of the hassle of it all. Luckily, my mate told me about Movers London and that she had known friends that rated the company well. I gave them a go and was pleasantly surprised by their professionalism. Nothing got lost, broken or damaged in any way. The removal men were kind and hard-working, and the customer service gave me never-ending help and support along the way. I am grateful to Movers London for providing me with a great service.

  • Helen G.
  • 29Jan 2013

quote Cheers guys! You were all absolutely fantastic. I am perfectly happy with the price, team work and services that and nbsp; Removal London presented me with and they will be my number one choice of removal companies for the future.

  • Cheryl
  • 24Jan 2013

quote My family and I have recently moved to our new home. We had been planning the move for some time, but you can never be too organised when it comes to moving home and relocating your family, so we were really careful about the whole situation. The last thing we wanted was for the removals process to be drawn out and for us not to know a set date of when we were going to relocate. After finding the contact details for LondonRemovals, I called them up and they were more helpful than most professional companies. They gave me the option to take advantage of their handy moving tips and other valuable services. In addition to this, I was even given the choice of as and when the removal took place. They told me that if it was not going to be convenient to move during normal working hours then I could reorganise my relocation and do it on another day. Every part of the dealing that we had with the company were easy and fuss-free. The relocation was soon upon us shortly after we had phones them up and packed up our personal possessions. There was not much emotional stress from the family and there was absolutely no problems with the team at LondonRemovals. Thank you for all of your understanding and excellence!

  • Jerry
  • 19Jan 2013

quote This is the second time I have relocated and this time I was moving to a new office. Last time I was relocating to my new home and I made the mistake of hiring an inexperienced removals team. Biggest mistake I could have made! This time I was eager not to make the same mistake. The last removal that I undertook was so bad that I was sure that I wouldn and rsquo;t be in a rush to do that again. However, times change and I found myself in the situation where moving was necessary for my business in order for my company to develop. I was impressed to see that there are some professional removal companies around, such as and nbsp;LondonRemovals who I ended up hiring to undertake my work removal. I found that with this company I was able to rely on them and trust them. It and rsquo;s not easy handing over your business items to a company who are strangers to you but I felt comfortable with this team and risked putting my trust in them. I am happy that I wasn and rsquo;t wrong and they did a great job. I am very grateful to all of the company!

  • Trixy
  • 14Jan 2013

quote This company made relocating easier. The move came about due to a transfer that I was facing at work and therefore I had very little choice about moving. and nbsp; Movers made the whole experience pleasant and stress free, which is just what I needed considering my circumstances! Excellent team work and I hope that others will be inclined to use them if you are on the search for a professional removals company who do the job that they are supposed to do!

  • Fred Jones
  • 09Jan 2013

quote I did a lot of research on finding good and reliable movers till I finally decided to call Movers London. From the initial call till the end of the moving process their customer support and their moving crew were fantastic and very helpful. They really deserve the good reputation they have!

  • B. Sangina
  • 02Jan 2013

quote I just want to let everyone know how courteous, prompt, qualified and efficient the movers from London Mover are. They arrived uniformed and on time, worked hard and got the job done without any problems. They're a 5-star service provider!

  • R. Tiarney
  • 28Dec 2012

quote I cannot recommend London Mover highly enough. When I booked them my leg was broken and I couldn't help them with anything on the day of my move, other than giving them instructions. They were polite and delivered everything within a few hours. They were very efficient.

  • L. Falberton
  • 23Dec 2012

quote I recently moved from a 1-bedroom flat to a 2-bedroom condo within London. I had a very bad experience with movers before and it wasn't so easy for me to choose another one. I contacted Movers based on their good feedback and I am glad I chose them. I was satisfied with the price and the movers were very fast.

  • N. Wang
  • 18Dec 2012

quote LondonRemovals was recommended to me and I contacted their office to book a date and they were very polite. On the day of my move the movers were on time and loaded everything into their van. My furniture arrived in perfect condition. Thank you!

  • R. Manil
  • 13Dec 2012

quote Movers were amazing! I have some very large and heavy furniture and some antiques and I was a bit nervous about moving, but the moving men were great. They loaded and unloaded everything with no fuss. I would definitely call them again!

  • L. Badwaladr
  • 08Dec 2012

quote I want to express my satisfaction with the great moving team from Removal London. I used them for a local removal, and it went just perfect. The moving men paid attention to every single detail, and they were also very careful and well-mannered. It's a great moving company!

  • O. Novalic
  • 03Dec 2012

quote I contacted Movers London after reading about their positive feedback and booked them for a local move. I just wanted to share that they were amazing and went beyond what I needed from the movers. Thanks to all the people who help me choose the best moving company.

  • J. Puschmann
  • 28Nov 2012

quote We moved from our old flat in Hempstead to a new house in High Wycombe and used the removal services of London Mover. They were very well organised. They even moved a huge glass wall without any damage or complaining. It's a great company!

  • O. Gardaner
  • 23Nov 2012

quote I hired the very prompt and qualified movers from LondonRemovals to help me with my storage relocation. Two movers showed up on time and finished the job very fast. I would not hesitate to use their services again or to recommend them to my friends!

  • B. Chun
  • 18Nov 2012

quote I used the services of LondonRemovals for my long distance move. I was informed about all the fees from the beginning and there were no extra charges. This is the best moving company I have ever dealt with. Highly recommended!

  • V. Levantini
  • 13Nov 2012

quote I want to express my gratefulness to the amazing team of LondonRemovals. They were absolutely helpful and met all my needs. If I need removal services again I know who to get in contact with. Best wishes!

  • H. Georgesku
  • 08Nov 2012

quote I recently used the services of Removal London for a household move and I had very good experience. They were strong and dependable. I can tell they have been trained well, because they organised everything expertly and were very skilled. Thank you very much!

  • K. Eberhart
  • 03Nov 2012

quote This was my third time using London Mover and worth every penny. They were very easy to deal with and there wasn't any damage or a single problem during the move. Their representative even called me after the move to ask me if everything had gone according to plan. What a great company!

  • R. Anear
  • 29Oct 2012

quote I had to move from an old 2 bedroom house to a new one so I needed professional help. A friend of mine recommended the services of LondonRemovals to me, so I decided to give them a call. From the beginning till the end their representatives were there for me to answer all of my questions. I had a few very heavy pieces of furniture which had to be moved and the three men did it without any trouble. They worked very hard and fast as well. Thank you very much LondonRemovals!

  • B. Cadogan
  • 24Oct 2012

quote LondonRemovals was strongly recommended by my family and now I can see why. They came on time and were very well organized for everything. They got the job done very fast without any complaining. They followed all of my instructions as well. Great services!

  • J. Hancock
  • 19Oct 2012

quote I had a very good experience with Removal London last week. The price they offered me was excellent. The moving men were polite and very well organized. They gave me great value for the price. I would recommend them to anyone who needs professional moving services.

  • S. Lazos
  • 14Oct 2012

quote I didn't want to bother my friends with bigger cars to help me for my house removal, so I decided to hire a professional company. I have to admit there was a very big difference, because LondonRemovals took care of everything. I didn't have to help at all, I just had to give them instructions about the boxes, telling them where to place them. It was the easiest moving I have ever had. Thumbs up for LondonRemovals.

  • Somya Pal
  • 09Oct 2012

quote I do not like moving at all, but today I can honestly admit that the movers from Movers made my moving day less stressful. Their representatives were always there to update me on the status of my items. Everything arrived on time without any damages.

  • K. Oliviera
  • 04Oct 2012

quote London Mover are my favorite movers. This was my 5th time using them and everything went smooth and without any problems. The movers were fast and strong. I couldn't ask for more. Amazing team!

  • T. Bateson
  • 29Sep 2012

quote This is the best company I have ever dealt with. The manager and the men from their customer support were always there for me. They sent us three gentlemen to help us with our move and I have to admit they were real professionals and very well organized. Highly recommended!

  • F. Hassan
  • 24Sep 2012

quote I used London Mover to move my furniture from York to Sheffield last week. We took delivery a few hours ago as promised. I didn't have any dirty or damaged items. It's a very good company!

  • N. Angotti
  • 19Sep 2012

quote Fantastic services at very affordable prices. Movers helped me a lot during this stressful day. Their team of movers are the best - fast and efficient. Not a single complaint from me. I wish their company all the best and to keep doing a great job.

  • I. Foss
  • 14Sep 2012

quote I highly recommend this company. I would like to thank all of the team members of London Mover for helping me with my move and making this day hassle free. Thank you for the very reasonable price as well.

  • B. Hayes
  • 09Sep 2012

quote LondonRemovals are professionals and did a good job. I moved for the third time with them and they worked hard just like the last two times. They wrapped all my furniture with care and delivered it in perfect shape. Thank you!

  • F. Forter
  • 04Sep 2012

quote We moved to Bulgaria last week using the great help of London Mover. Their prices are very competitive and we did not regret it at all, because all of our belongings were delivered in a very good condition. And more important, nothing is missing. I am very grateful to this company and I want to wish them the best of luck.

  • T. Smith
  • 30Aug 2012

quote I do not know how to thank LondonRemovals for the job they did yesterday for me and my family, other than to give them positive feedback here. Thank you very much for taking care of my piano. Best regards.

  • H. Okafor
  • 25Aug 2012

quote I just want to let people know what a great company London Mover is. They have a well informed and highly professional team, which advised me all the way. The men from their crew were cheerful and worked with extreme passion. I just can't say enough good things about this company - they really helped me a lot. I am impressed!

  • H. Bisset
  • 20Aug 2012

quote I had a lot of bad removals in the past, so I decided to call the same moving company my brother-in-law recommended for me. From the beginning to the end they were very polite and careful. I couldn't thank them enough. I even bought them a pizza for lunch. For any future move I will not hesitate to use them again. Thank you very much Removal London!

  • L. Sato
  • 15Aug 2012

quote LondonRemovals movers were fantastic as a team. Everything was very well organized and in spite of the bad weather they worked really hard, without a single complaint. I have already recommended their services to one family member and I will recommend them to anyone else.

  • O. Hosband
  • 10Aug 2012

quote LondonRemovals showed me a lot of respect when I moved. They always returned my phone calls and answered all of my questions. I have had a bad experience moving in the past, so I was very nervous. But at the end of the day I was amazingly surprised with how efficient this company was. If I have to move again I will definitely use their services again.

  • J. Calandra
  • 05Aug 2012

quote Thank you Movers London for the hassle free removal we got from your fantastic crew. Thank you for the free removal boxes you provided us, because they were really useful in the end. The service rep was very kind as well and was always there to answer our questions. Thanks again, Maria.

  • J. Wood
  • 31Jul 2012

quote What a great company. I moved from Turino to Genova, Italy. The whole packing and moving process was done in no time during the day. To be honest I was not prepared for such fast moving. They were far above my expectations. I want to thank Removal London for the great services and for taking care of my belongings.

  • F. Abrami
  • 26Jul 2012

quote I also had such a great experience with London Mover three days ago. I really appreciate their help for making this stressful day very relaxing for me. My possessions were delivered both ultra-protected and promptly. I would definitely recommend them for anyone's next move.

  • T. Woodard
  • 21Jul 2012

quote Two movers came to our place and were both professional and courteous. They worked hard every minute and everything was done in no time. Movers London is the best company I have ever used.

  • W. Scott
  • 16Jul 2012

quote I booked three men for my move 1 month ago. Claudia from the Movers office gave a really good price, and at the end there were no hidden costs. The movers were very efficient and polite, nothing like other removal crew I have used before. Do not hesitate to use Movers - they are great!

  • H. Stuard
  • 11Jul 2012

quote I just want to say that my move with Movers is by far my best moving experience. This professional moving company provided us with very good services. It made my moving simple and stress free, at affordable price. I am really thankful to the four crew members who assisted us. Best regards!

  • Baeddan Garrison
  • 06Jul 2012

quote I think it is my consumer right to share my experience with Movers. I think these guys are the best. The final price was exactly what I was told in the first place, without any additional charges. I was impressed by their customer service. I strongly recommend them.

  • G. Heron
  • 01Jul 2012

quote London Mover did an excellent job. They were organized, efficient, and completed the job in a timely manner. I highly recommend them to anyone who needs a reliable moving company.

  • H. Davis
  • 26Jun 2012

quote Movers are terrific, hard working and careful movers. They wrapped and boxed things efficiently and well. I had a team of 3 guys and they were fast and orderly. Very professional. I will be using them the next time I have to move.

  • S. Claybrook
  • 19Jun 2012

quote I had a short-distance move in February and I used the services of Movers London as well. The whole team were very good and fast. Their prices were cheaper than all of the moving companies I had dealt with before. I'm glad that I used their company. Strongly recommend them.

  • Jennifer Hotham
  • 14Jun 2012

quote If you are tired of removal companies who are not as responsible as you had hoped then you must contact London Mover. They are people who take pride in what they do and you will definitely be satisfied with their work.

  • T. Prichard
  • 07Jun 2012

quote London Mover is a customer-oriented company, and it is the best on the market for these kind of services. I hired them last year when I had to move to London and I must say that I was lucky to hire them. I want to thank them for the wonderful service.

  • Rhea Stevens
  • 02Jun 2012

quote I used the services of London Mover one year ago, and I remember them as being super fast and hard-working movers. I want to thank them for making our move much easier. Wish them best of luck.

  • P. Haddon
  • 28May 2012

quote Last month my husband and I had to move to the country and we decided to use the services of LondonRemovals. No other company provides such a good attitude towards clients and care towards their possessions. And what's more, the rates are great! More companies should run their business as you do it.

  • R. Hopkins
  • 23May 2012

quote I am really glad that I listened to my sister's advice to rely the services of Removal London. You can definitely be sure that your possessions are in safe hands. When packing I put my designer clothes in marked boxes. When the movers came they took special care of them. I had used other companies before, and was not pleased with their service. The bad memory faded away after I used Removal London. I would definitely used them again.

  • D Morris
  • 18May 2012

quote I can strongly recommend London Mover for moving services. They did everything according to my requirements and they showed great care while moving my belongings. I am really happy with their service and I would love to hire them again. Thanks to Miss Claudia as well, who answered all my calls and remembered all of my requirements.

  • H. Fisher
  • 13May 2012

quote Movers was recommended to me, and I am so glad I did it. When I contacted them on the phone they informed me about everything they had to do and how much it would cost me in total. If someone needs a hand like me do not hesitate to contact them.

  • R. Gilbert
  • 08May 2012


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