When packing to move, you’re arranging your entire life and squeezing them into boxes, making sure everything fits compactly. You will have dozens of boxes and even if you are extremely organised you will no doubt have a moment of panic about not finding something you packed, only for it to turn up in another box a day later. As soon as you arrive in your new home, surrounded by boxes stuffed with your whole life, it is worth having a box on the top of the pile with the essential items you will need as soon as you set foot through your door. Here is a list of what you may want to put in your box of moving day essentials:

Scissors/Stanley Knife
There is nothing more infuriating that realising that you have packed your scissors or knives away in a box, but you don’t know which one. You need these to open up all those boxes that you secured with lots of packing tape, so to save you from just tearing through each box looking for scissors, pack them in your essential box so you can glide through the tape and open everything up with ease.

These are essential to making your new place your home by making your first cup of tea to christen it! It is always handy to have plates and cups for that first on-the-go lunch of sandwiches and crisps. Also, this will allow you to be extra safe with your favourite set or mugs, as the box won’t get thrown around in the move…it will stay by your side from house to house.

Toilet Paper
Take 2 rolls for each bathroom as well as an extra spare for spillages and to double up as tissue and kitchen roll. This may sound obvious but it is something that usually slips peoples’ minds and they end making a mad dash to local shop.

First Aid Kit
Moving house isn’t a dangerous affair, but with all that lifting there is always a small chance of something fragile breaking, glass smashing etc. So having a first aid kit at reach is always a good thing, especially if you have kids running about; all the boxes and furnishings are bound to trip someone up at least once!

All Purpose Cleaning Product/Cloth
It is always wise to wipe down those kitchen surfaces before using them. Also, having an all purpose cleaner means you can wipe any little stains and patches before you get settled and set up!

Toiletries and Supplies
Remember any vital medications, soap and especially a toothbrush! If you have forgotten where you have packed your toothbrush, it will end up lost forever! Also take some snacks and sweets to keep you and your kids going through the day. If you have pets, do pack their essentials too, such as their food and dish so they can get cosy while you unpack!

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