The role of a Removal Company is to help people relocate their possessions from one place to another. A removal company could be used for personal uses, e.g. shifting furniture to a new property during a move, but can also be used professionally, e.g. delivering furniture from a warehouse to a property. Removal companies can be both national and international, possibly making them the number one method of transport for large quantities or oversize items.

National companies typically use moving vans. There are many options to choose from when vans are concerned. A very well known service in the moving/removal trade is the man with the van. These services are widely available and are commonly used. Eventually, you may also decide that this is the service best suited to your needs.

So what exactly is a man with a van? Well it is exactly what it claims to be! You, the customers, have the opportunity to hire a man with a van for a specific time, in order to aid your move. Their role is merely to load your possessions into the van, drive to the new location and then finally unload your possessions.

So, what’s so good about these services? For one, you, the customer are in control. You can choose the date and time during which to hire the man with a van. This is great, especially if you are time bound. These men are experienced and have extensive knowledge of all UK road networks, meaning that they will ensure that they arrive on time. Having experience means that you can be at ease knowing that your possessions are in safe hands. You do not have to worry about valuable items breaking or being mishandled since these services guarantee that your belongings will be well looked after.

For those who don’t have cars, this may be only way to shift your items. Car owners may feel that their car is not big enough to move some of their bigger possessions, e.g. furniture. In this case, the man with a van is perfect. They have many differently sized vans to accommodate all of your needs. So no matter how small or large your items, a van will be available for you.

What part do you play when a man and a van is concerned? All of your precious belongings need to be packed and labelled accordingly by yourself. It is advised that you pack your items into cardboard boxes, rather than refuse bags or bin liners. It is also recommended that no box be heavier than 50lb. This is to avoid the box breaking, but also to avoid injury since these boxes will be handled and lifted at some point. Loading and unloading is usually done by the man with the van, but you have the option to help.

There are many companies which offer similar “man with a van” services. This may be confusing since you may struggle to decide which service to use. Each company offers the opportunity to ask for a quote without the obligation to buy. Although removal companies offering these services are competitively priced, you may find slight price differences, which may be a selling point for you. It is always wise to get a few quotes before committing to one company and its service. Many websites offer approximate prices according to the vehicle size and duration it is needed for, which is also worth checking out.

If you’re worried about moving your belongings during a move, there’re many removal companies who aim to make your moving experience unproblematic.

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