The art of packing fragile knick knacks may not seem like a task that any man really wants to take part in but packing such fragile items the likes of porcelain angels or dolphins and tea cups can be a task that any man can show his skills in. Packing these types of items does take a little finesse and a delicate touch. Maybe a man will just have to lotion up his hands for a couple days in advance to help them with a soft touch but aside from that it can be done with ease. When the guy friends ask what you did today, you can say “I coordinated a delicate procedure and helped some very fragile items make it to their destination without a scratch”. They will probably say “Awesome, what were the girls’ names?” This guide will help every man pack up knick knacks like a pro.


As every man knows preparation is an important aspect to almost everything that needs to be accomplished and there are specific materials that will need to be purchased in order to complete the task of packing fragile knick knacks. These materials include tape, boxes, filler paper, a tape gun, markers and maybe even some bubble wrap, if it is preferred over wrapping paper.

Having the materials is just part of being prepared for packing these fragile knick knacks though. Preparing a work station is very important as well. A work station can be set up just about any way that is preferred but a table is definitely needed. Set up a table out of the way of traffic and lay out all your supplies and packing materials, so they are all in a central location and easy to get to. Try to refrain from carrying your packing materials throughout the home or apartment because they will likely get misplaced or disappear, like socks in the dryer.

After everything is in its p-lace and the work station has been set up bring items to the area of the work station and pack them from there.


Packing the items is pretty general. Wrapping them up well and filling in any empty space within the box as they are being packed is about all that needs to be done but a better explanation follows. The technical end of packing knick knacks is a little more complex.

Take about two inches of crumpled filler paper and line the bottom of the box the knick knacks will go in but remember not to pack the paper real tight. This will give a nice soft and padded layer in between the bottom of the box and the contents that will be in it.

They next thing that should be done is crumpling of sheets of paper if it will be used to wrap the knick knacks. Crumpling the paper up before wrapping the items will help to give them a thicker layer of protection by creating gaps between layers. Repeat this for all the knick knacks.
After each of layers of the box is filled crumpled up balls of filler paper should go on top of the wrapped knick knacks before adding another layer.
The last thing is to seal the loaded boxes with tape and mark them with the marker as fragile and set them out of the way so that they do not get in with the boxes full of books.

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