In every situation it is always best to have a moving truck available but that is not always an option. So for the “do it yourselfers” when packing your car for moving there is a safe way to do it. Packing your car for safety is a necessity if it is going to be done it needs to be done correctly to ensure that you have proper control of your car while driving. If you do not know cars do have a limit on how much weight they can carry an still be able to maneuver efficiently and brake well.

Weight distribution

Weight distribution affects every aspect of the way a car handles on the road, especially when it under a load. The best place to check how much weight your car can actually handle is the owner’s manual. But usually it is about the wright of 4 male adults, which equates to about 800 pounds extra weight. Following the weight distribution of a car can save lives and should always be followed. The best way is to hire a removal company to carry out the loading and hauling of your belongings.

Securing boxes

Something very important to do is securing all the boxes loaded in the vehicle properly. Use straps netting and whatever else may be necessary to make sure the boxes are not sliding about the vehicle. Due to mass inertia, boxes should never rest against the driver or passenger seat they should be strapped tightly against the back seat so they cannot travel forward if the brakes are hit. This is hazardous to everyone in the vehicle and can cause a wreck as the seats can give and push a person forward into the steering wheel, forcing them to lose control.

What should go where in the car

Boxes should only be put on the back seat, on the floor within the car and in the trunk. If things are put in the back seat it is required that they need to be strapped and secured properly to avoid being a hazard. Do not overload the car so much so that boxes cannot be secured properly. This could not only cause a wreck it can also cause legal problems like a ticket.

Where things should not be put

Boxes or belongings should never be put in a place that obstructs the driver’s line of sight and they should not be stacked so that that this occurs. If the driver cannot see as they normally would be able to then things need to be adjusted, moved or taken out for another load. DO not put thing that will interfere with operation of the vehicle either, like near the gear shifter or near the steering wheel.

It is always recommended to rent a removal truck or to hire a removal company to handle the hauling of belongings, so that a passenger car does not need to be used. Removal companies have great rate for loading and unloading your belongings from point A to point B. The best thing to do is to call around for some quotes, you will find that the rates are quite reasonable.

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