Living and working in London is a dream for many people. It is one of the most interesting cities of Europe and still very different from the common life on the Old Continent. Due to its specific geographical location, the city has its own unique way of development and history and it has been adapting to the humid and cloudy weather.

No matter how hard it was during the centuries, London is one of the most diverse and most interesting places for culture, music, fashion and entertainment.

The metropolitan area of the city is divided in multiple districts and boroughs and each of them is unique in some way.

In case your dream to come and live in London has become true or you are just coming to visit an old friend for a couple of weeks and you are planning to stay in the Southwest part of the town it is good to inform yourself about the district of Fulham, which is amongst the most famous ones.

Usually when this name is mentioned, people firstly think of football. It is not far from the truth. This part of London has its own famous football team, making the district famous all over the world. The football team is playing now in the English Premier Division and is doing this for eleventh consecutive season. So in this meaning this part of the town of London is inevitably connected with the football game. What is more important for the football fans is the fact that the pubs and bars that are situated here, have enough place for everybody and you can watch comfortably your favorite game with nice company of friends. This is hard to be done in other parts of the city, where everybody is scrubbing elbows with other people on the bar and fights and scandals are some of the most common things to see when there is important game.

So far with the football advantages of the Southwest part of London. The neighborhood has many other things for which it can be chosen as good for living. It is very nice for shopping. Many opinions classify the district as a place where you can buy nice things on reasonable and even cheap prices. There are such shops of course, but also there are many boutiques and high-class ones which will offer quality clothes and accessories for everyone, who wants to spend more money.

The system of the public transport is very well developed in the district and with the net of buses and trains a person can get to almost every other point of London. Of course you can always call for a taxi, when you do not want to use the public transport, but in a city like London this will not be very efficient way especially when you are in a hurry. The traffic is awful almost at all parts of the day and in the peak hours it gets worse, if that is even possible.

In case you are looking for places for entertainment in the evening or somewhere to go and meet a friend, there are many bars and restaurants, where you can do that. The Harwood Arms at Walham Grove is one very nice choice. It offers nice wines and really delicious food for those who connoisseurs. It is for a reason that the place was chosen for diners’ choice of the year 2012.

The visitors and residents of Southwest London can also enjoy a public library, several more restaurants and bars, nice gyms and sport facilities.

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