Moving house is always time consuming and exhausting. The effort needed can be mentally straining as well as being physically demanding, so when it actually comes down to the removal of furniture, is it better to rent a van or employ a removal company? There are pros and cons to each option but it really depends on your personal circumstances and what suits you. Using some of these simple dos and don’ts rules of thumb can really help you on your way to a new life in a brand new home.

Do not underestimate the size of the job.
Moving your furniture, even if you’re only moving down the road may seem like a straight forward task but you could quickly find that it becomes mentally and physically taxing. Besides the worry of carefully transporting delicate treasured items, the physical strain of transporting large bulky furniture in and out of the van and into a new property could turn out to be more than your average workout, not to mention the fact that you are the one that has to unpack it all. Unless you have a team of strong, willing volunteers to help you move, renting a van without a man may turn out to be much cheaper but could end up resulting in more chaos than you expected.

Do consider timing – plan ahead
It’s always a good idea to plan ahead of your move, and depending on how fast you need to vacate the property it may be more efficient to employ a removal company as you can determine the time and date that you want to move and just sit back and relax. The move should be completed within one session and, if possible, you should provide the removal company with an accurate description of the your new property’s layout. Not only will this avoid hiccups and enable efficiency but you can instruct the movers to place furniture in certain rooms, which will also save you time.

Do not rush the moving process
Providing that you give yourself enough time to move do not just accept the first quote when renting a van or employing a removal company. Look around, find out about local van hiring and removal services and get a number of quotes. Different companies may offer various services to help assist you even further with the moving process. Follow up any recommendations from friends and family, as these leads are likely to be trustworthy since they will be based on positive personal experiences. Also try to avoid cowboys; this may be easier when hiring a removal company, as any reputable association will be a part of the association of removers or the national guild of movers and storers.

Do try to negotiate a deal
Whatever option you decide to choose whether you rent a van or a removal company, always try to negotiate on price and see if there is a deal to be had. Renting a van or booking a removal on a weekend or school holiday could mean expensive peak prices. Compromise and try to move on a weekday, which may be less busy. Check out the company’s insurance and in the case of renting a van check that your items are covered because you will be responsible for any damage during transport. Don’t let the idea of moving put you off. Taking these do’s and don’ts into consideration should help you decide if you would rather rent a van or a hire a removal company.

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